Sunday, May 01, 2016

"Ayynoorum Ayynthum (500&5)" - Independent Tamil Feature Film - Official Full HD Movie


“Ayynoorum Ayynthum (500&5)” is a Critically-Acclaimed, Independent Tamil feature film about the bizarre journey of a 500-Rupee note that travels through 5 different characters and how they perceive it in their own ways.

Sudalai(A Goon's stooge, superstitious Sudalai wants to become a Don. Will he realize his dream or will his misplaced sense of self get in the way of it?), Adi(Successful film-director Adi, who's separated from his wife thanks to his philandering ways, is desperate to redeem himself and get her back. Will he be able to?), Sundari(Spunky Sundari is in love and works at a phone recharge shop. All she wants is to safeguard the souvenir her boyfriend gives her. Will she hold on to it?), Jenny(Volatile, troubled Jenny lives in a world where she walks a fine line between psychedelic reality and nightmarish fantasy. Will she rise above it or get sucked into a self destructive vortex of darkness?) and the Nameless revolutionary(The Nameless, avant-garde revolutionary ignites an unprecedented rebellion with which he threatens to raze down the hyper-capitalistic juggernaut).

2. Official Non-Traditional Release of “Ayynoorum Ayynthum (500&5)”

“Ayynoorum Ayynthum (500&5)”, a Tamil feature film made for the BIG Screen in Cinema theaters has now been released unconventionally on the Internet on the Youtube Channel of ACCESSIBLE HORIZON FILMS on SUNDAY, MAY 1st, 2016. It's directly available on Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones from May 1st, 2016.

Before the release, we had one Special Public Screening at the Alliance Francaise, Madras on Friday, April 29th, 2016 at 7.00 p.m.

3. Why are we giving our film away for Free Online?

For the last 3 years, we have been trying to release our film conventionally in theaters in Tamil Nadu, searching for distributors and trying to find people who might take our film and release it in theaters. The difficulty of releasing a film conventionally without financial backing or influence is just unimaginable especially when the film doesn’t conform to the norms or the ‘formula’. We thought of going conventionally only to reach a wide audience, because the film is about money, which everyone can relate to. But we have been facing enormous obstacles while doing so.
The ‘System’ constantly keeps telling us that the Audience/society will not accept new formats. But needless to say, the audience is smart and has always been ready for new forms of artistic and cinematic engagement. They want change. But our ‘system’ does not want to give it to them. 10 people decide what 100 crore people want to see. Because if we want our films to become more progressive, we should be able to try unconventional things. And we want ‘people’ to watch it and give their verdict. What is given to the people widely in the name of cinema is being misunderstood as people’s taste. It is not so. Filmmakers should not have to compromise on the quality of the film that they want to bring to their audience. So we figured it was time.
And finally, at one point, we asked ourselves a question. Do we value Money or our Film? We could wait forever for our film to make money, hopefully reach the theaters and (still maybe) get a return on our investment OR we could just make our film available to the people, which is the basic reason we made the film. So, more than making money, our goal is to reach a wide audience, because that is the primary reason we made this film, not to gather dust in a dark room. Just like how there is no one way to make a film, there is no one way to reach the people. There have been so many films shelved every year. So this is OUR alternative way of reaching the maximum number of people because our making was alternative too.

That’s why we are giving our film away for free.

4. International film festivals

“Ayynoorum Ayynthum (500&5)” was part of the Official Selection at the Stuttgart Film Festival, Germany and part of the Top Angle Indian Cinema Section of the International Film Festival of Kerala, Trivandrum.

5. About Accessible Horizon Films, Cast and Crew


Cast – Deepak Sundarrajan, Sivashankar Srinivasan, Living Smile Vidya, Chinnu Kuruvilla and TM Karthik Srinivasan, Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli, Vishwanth Natarajan.


Penned & Orchestrated by – Stanzin Raghu

Created by – Accessible Horizon Films (Maverick Dass, Earthling Koushalya, StanzinRaghu and Ramesh Mourthy)

Cinematography – Maverick Dass, Gerard

Art Director – Earthling Koushalya

Editor – Ramesh Mourthy

Narrative Score – Sivapragasam. S

Song lyrics and Composition – S. Ramanujam, S. Balaji

Co-Creators – Toot Machi aka Rangarajan, Elango B, Manikandan Kavitha, Vishnuvardhan, Raghavan S, Jeganathan, Packyanath Deepa, Ashwin & Rashmi, Hari & Sumithra

Friday, November 07, 2014

Flying Low - Our New Short Film

New short film by Accessible Horizon Films
We all harbor a deep hidden desire to fly. Somewhere tucked in our dreams and fantasies, is an urge to rise up and feel free, even if it's just for a fleeting moment. And when waves rise up and crash back into the ocean, they seem to momentarily fly - a brief suspension from their larger reality.
Shot and edited in a few hours.
Concept & Execution - Stanzin Raghu
Music Courtesy - Luke Richards

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tamil Short Film 'Full Stop' - Lessons from Production

These are a few lessons we learned after we finished shooting our latest Tamil short film, 'Full Stop'. You can watch it HERE. The idea for this film came about a year ago, when we repeatedly saw unconscious alcoholics in the middle of the road, completely oblivious to the reality around them. So we thought what would happen if we did something about it. So there...we made this film for fun, to tickle our production bug. A few things we thought might be worth sharing, especially if you want to know more about the filmmaking process. Anyways...
  1. Always be in touch with filmmaking, especially production. Makes you grounded to the reality of the chaotic beast that is. The last shoot we had was about 5 months ago and shooting after that gap was like a wake-up call, a reality check. We scrambled a bit to a delayed start and then got on track. So keep scripting and shooting.
  2. While working with new actors, always block-rehearse(Characters’ movement and positioning in relation to each other with dialogues) before getting them in front of the camera. If your actors are new, this is very important. Otherwise, you are likely to spend more time on this during the shoot.
  3. Create Storyboards…highly recommended. Unless you are extremely confident and trained in conceiving and executing shots, create storyboards.
  4. Create a Shot List. That is, what shots you need in a particular scene. Say if the Lead Character touches something, you write that down and say whether it's a Close-up shot or a medium shot or a long shot. And if you can match it with the Storyboards, great, do it.
  5. Stick to your Shot List. If you must improvise with extra shots, do so minimally and don’t go overboard just because you are shooting digital and have resources at your disposal. If you want extra safety shots, include that in your Shot List.
  6. Find and work with people who are passionate, sincere and with a collaborative mindset. Especially those who believe in the vision of the project. While most obvious, this is something you should always be aware of.