Monday, February 27, 2012

The Air I breathe...

Beings converging in a cauldron built centuries ago..
a thirst insatiable in them spreading in all directions..
their existential emptiness screams for visibility in this dimension..
their essence creating chaos in the spirits' realm..
their form devoid of function aiming for content..
their torpid exteriors holding an underlying fluid core..
which resonate with the supernatural sphere that is suffering
immensely by the pain but not dying from it..

An inner call draws them together towards the cauldron and into this sphere..
their form spreading an infinite pulse of chaos into the air...
and i happen upon it here!

Beings in search of a purpose other than theirs to unite for a cause..
but not ready to take the spiritual plunge of trusting the universe's intelligence..
filling the air i breathe with a sense of insecurity coming from unknown depths..
i contribute to the collective breaths whilst not knowing what to do..
i hope that..
under unpredictable circumstances the beings may alleviate the suffering and
a balance is stuck where..
the Contradiction between
Essence & Existence,
Form & Constitution,
Spirit & Corporeal,
Finite & Infinite..continues..!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Metroxical New York at Auroville Radio
A little post screening discussion with Maria and Joseph from Auroville Radio. They are both actually  from Italy and are currently on a project stay in Auroville. This ain't exactly an interview but more about the origins and the why of 'Metroxical New York'. We were squatting right under a big ol' Banyan tree with its prop roots all around us. Anyways...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Redefining the term ‘Indie’ film – Interdependent Film

Okayyy, the first word of the title sounds a little pompous but hey, humor me. Sometimes I really wonder why an Independent/Indie film is called so. Of course, the most common reasons are that they are created outside of the mainstream studio system/film industry, that they rely on independent(unusual) sources(or even the lack) of money, that they are mostly composed of an Independent group of creators who mostly rely on passion and nothing else, that they cannot compromise on the independence of their visions, that they have the ability to take creative risks independently and so on. These reasons are well, quite understandable.
But apart from exceptions(like a one-man production), ‘Independent’ filmmakers are the ones to mostly ‘depend’ on resources that aren’t exactly quantifiable or tangible or put in monetary terms. Like borrowing from family, begging from friends and also stealing(ok, forget I said that but let’s not forget the fact that even mainstream filmmakers steal stuff all the time) from any readily available resource.
Back again, ‘Independent or Indie’ filmmakers depend on favors that are sometimes returned and sometimes not. But a general sense of camaraderie(among themselves) of the rebellious kind exists, that is kinda mutual. There is a need for that kind of support. So that ways, they are also dependent on each other. They seek scaffolding from their filmmaking brethren who are ever ready to provide assistance even if there’s nothing in the horizon for them but maybe hoping someday something might come of it.
Most of our earlier projects were mostly Independent, in the sense that, it was only our close-knit team of 4 with almost no dependence on external factors. It would be mildly amusing, not to mention pretentious, to see the same set of names(ours) over and over again in the end credits. Almost every name/s in every department in production would be a ditto. But now, as we move forward, the independence is slowly being replaced by an increasing ‘Interdependence’ even though we try to retain our Indie spirit in the general sense of the word primarily by learning-clawing our way out to completion. I intend to elaborate on the Interdependence part and on clawing our way out to finishing our Indie, sorry, Interdependent/Interdie project that has been in our pipeline. Because it is a must that we acknowledge our means, however small, to an end I hope will make some difference. Our recent documentary film(Metroxical New York) too has been sort of an Interdependent film, which is in the festival application phase about which I’ll update later.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Yay..RADISH...farming naturally!

Ever heard of a farming concept about how all the small plants & big trees should coexist for best yields? well, here is a combined effort on Natural farming which emphasizes on this concept by our friends, Shri. Ramanujam, Kumar (who likes to be called Iyarkai virumbi)& many more.
the photograph shows Iyarkai Virumbi and his harvest of the RADISH which is supersize..a result of natural farming..
around a feet & quarter long, 23cms diameter & 2 and quarter kgs weight.
for those of you who can understand Tamil..please check this link

it is time to be Natural again..