Monday, January 30, 2012

Grinding through...

As we near completion, we are beset with detail-oriented grunt work. Well, a lot of it ain't fun. Most of the creative work's been done up until the final cut. Even the cutting down to size wasn't that much fun. But I can very gradually see an organic change happening. Details. Details, my dear Watson. If I didn't already mention, dubbing's done and we are almost through with the DI(Digital Intermediate) process. Discovered quite a few things inside the new Magic Bullet Looks. Initially had trouble correcting the wide shots that were shot during the day but then I guess, we figured out a way. Will share some Color grading tips soon in another post. The above is a production still where the character 'Sundari'(Living Smile Vidya) is being harassed by the 2 Bike guys(Dilsa and Raj Bharath). Currently, correcting this sequence, using a bunch of stuff like Diffusion, Vignetting and Colorista. MB sure is a great tool.

Friday, January 27, 2012

to manifest..?

A pattern in my imagination repeats itself..
of something wanting to release itself from within..
the type of communication that i am familiar with, does not work here..
i wait...or endure?
the restlessness building up within..
maybe it is not an independent thing...
and has to be a Collective Creative process!
Where are the rest of the parts?
out there??

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Creative Mythology - Joseph Campbell

The best things cannot be told,
the second best are misunderstood.
After that comes civilized conversation;
after that, mass indoctrination;
after that, intercultural exchange.
And so, proceeding, we come to the problem of communication; the opening , that is to say, of one's own truth and depth to the depth and truth of another in such a way as to establish an authentic community of existence.
- The word behind words, Symbolic Speech.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


The corporeal self is very aware of its limits...
the spirit within knows none..
which is why it sometimes pushes the former
into unknown realms where it can realize more
of its strength..
the spirit prepares the finite self to extend its boundaries..
so someday it can come face to face with the infinite...
such instances are rare and initially faced with
tight the corporeal..
but once endured, boasts of an experience profound..
in this realm..and uses that energy to enhance the journey further!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


A commencement...of a different kind..
A journey into another realm..
what does it mean in this reality?
is something that should be thought upon..
i stand between the finite that pulls me down
to this reality like gravity...
and another realm that floats just above the surface..
of my existence...
will i tread and never look back..
or will i stay back and wait for some sign?
being open to the infinite unpredictable possibilities..
is the key...i hear..feel..sense.
and wait for the portal to open!