Monday, November 09, 2009

Filming & Photography in NYC Subways

A quick reference and a MUST-HAVE for filmmakers and Photographers filming in New York City Subways. Print out these two documents and put it on your camera-bag and just FLASH it when cops or MTA officials interrupt you. Many of them don't know that this exists.

1. NYPD Directive - On April 3, 2009, the NYPD issued a directive to officers stating that it is legal to take pictures within the subway system so long as it is not accompanied with suspicious activity.

2. MTA Rules of Conduct saying it's ok to film/photograph inside the Subway. Check out 1050.9.
Currently, the MTA Rules of Conduct, Restricted Areas and Activities section states that anyone may take pictures or record video, provided that they do not violate MTA regulations:
Section 1050.9 Restricted areas and activities.
Photography, filming or video recording in any facility or conveyance is permitted except that ancillary equipment such as lights, reflectors or tripods may not be used. Members of the press holding valid identification issued by the New York City Police Department are hereby authorized to use necessary ancillary equipment. All photographic activity must be conducted in accordance with the provisions of this Part.
Very handy documents. Source from Wiki.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chasm in Time at the MIAAC film festival

Finally 'Chasm in Time' is having its premiere at the MIAAC film festival in NYC.
Venue: The Quad Cinema, 34 West 13th street, bet 5th and 6th Ave, Thursday, November 12th, 2009, 12 p.m (precedes feature film Air India 182)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trailer of Chasm in Time

Trailer of our recent short film 'Chasm in Time'. Updates about its premiere will soon follow. Cast Cornelio Abella, Joey Mintz, Karthik Srinivasan, Kymm Walker.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Beauty of the Caribbean

Shot with the Sony PMW EX1. The beauty of the Caribbean Sea in all its glory. The wide expanse of the waters. I bow to thee.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Poor laborer in Russia singing Indian song

Is this the new world or what?
Tajik Jimmy a poor migrant worker in Russia is a sensation singing Hindi songs. Look how he switches between the male and 'female' voices. Refreshing!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Amidst Chaos!

Sometimes I wonder how I survive the chaos around me...
but then i realize I contribute to the chaotic nature after all...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A clouded mystery surrounds me and my purpose in this universe...
another cloud de-mystifies my purpose..
and introduces me to the collective..
what am i without asks me..
i realize there can be no situation like that possible!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The color play!

With light's help, create colors...
Allow them to interact with each other..
they flow from one to another...
as life does..
and creates a world of beauty around it..
so, does it all come to a full circle?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A place of my own!

A place to call my own in this universe...
Do I need to reassure myself that I am an inevitable part..?
whether I try to secure a place or not..
i will have one no matter what!
when will realize this?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Aiming the boundless skies!

Have you ever wondered who would have sown the seeds of the mango tree from which you are enjoying the fruits? well, someone would have done that long time ago..for others to enjoy the fruit. They remain stepping stones for some kind of growth which can be enjoyed by others. The leaves of all trees that grow towards the skies do not reach the top surface...they actually remain a ladder for the younger ones to sprout and grow to the topmost surface..but the truth here is that all the leaves are in the topmost layers at least once before they let others grow above we enjoy the fruits of someone else's intention, so must we let others enjoy the same. Any deed that has good intentions will definitely reach others. Keep it going!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What is Nuclear Energy!

Global Military Expenditure Global military expenditure in a year is $1.204 trillion (1204 000 000 000). In a month this means $ 100 billion Every week this means $ 25 billion Every day this means $ 3,6 billion Every hour this means $ 149 million Every minute this means $ 6,2 million Every second this means $ 103 340 This means over one hundred thousand dollars spent every second, all year around on weapons and militaries and wars! What could you do to make the world a better place if you had a hundred thousand dollars to spend?
-You could offer 15 000 girls in poor countries education, food, health care and clean water for one year.1
-You could adopt 30 million hectare of rain forest to protect it from exploitation and devastation.2
-You could offer 3000 families access to clean water for o whole year and save them from life threatening diseases.3
All this and far more could be done – just with the amount of money spent in one second by the world’s governments on their militaries. Just imagine what you could do with all the money spent on weapons and wars in an hour or a day or a week or a month or even a year. Save the world, basically.

Thanks to

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty [NPT]

The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, also referred to as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), obligates the five acknowledged nuclear-weapon states (the United States, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, France, and China) not to transfer nuclear weapons, other nuclear explosive devices, or their technology to any non-nuclear-weapon state. Non-nuclear-weapon States Parties undertake not to acquire or produce nuclear weapons or nuclear explosive devices.


So, What do you think about Nuclear weapons? Do you think they are a means of Security or Threat? Is it worth spending so much money on them, when we have so many hungry people in this world? Do you think the world should get rid of them or use it positively as an energy source?
When it comes to the word "NUCLEAR ENERGY"...more than half of the people in this living world are not even aware of its existence.All they know about Nuclear energy is the information given to them through the media. For many, the word would trigger the trauma Japan had to endure (and still does) after 1945 and for some it might just be an issue that they need not even deal with, in this lifetime or in the lifetimes to come. Some are safe as far as the phrase 'ignorance is bliss' goes. And yet for a majority of people who live in abject poverty and are deprived of every invention of the so-called developed world, this issue will remain alien.
So, even before asking the question as to whether it is a threat or security, we should ask ourselves one question! Do all the people in this world know what it exactly is? Well, that is a separate issue altogether.
But let us consider that most of the people in this world are actually aware of the 'Nuclear Energy' concept. Do they have any say? They simply segregate themselves from the governments who in turn take their own decisions when it comes to things like this. How involved is the common citizen in these matters? That is the question we have to raise here? THE COMMON CITIZEN. Once this person feels responsible and asks questions and involves himself/herself, then we can think about security or threat factors.
But, one thing is for sure. Even the smallest of things has its advantages and disadvantages. You can either do something constructive or destructive with the small safety pin and it is applicable to all the things (big and small and medium) that man has ever invented for himself. So, when used in the right way, we can get its maximum benefits and when our evil gets the better of us, we use the same thing for destructive purposes. Instead of wasting our potential to find out destructive ways, we can use the Nuclear Energy to help make this world a better place to live.
But what happens to the solution for Nuclear waste disposal? Well, it is time we used our potential to find a way. We have gotten ourselves into it and we should be able to find a way out. WE WILL!
The first step is to increase the general awareness of the common Citizen in each country and bringing together like minded individuals for a noble cause. Let us first try to equally distribute food, water, medical services and most of all, knowledge - in this planet!
The rest, will fall in their right places!
It is a fact that nuclear energy greatly paved way as an alternate resource to fossil fuels and coal. At the same time it should be clearly borne in mind that a true solution for disposal of nuclear wastes has not yet been found out and it is going to be the biggest challenge for all the countries in the forth coming years. Again nuclear energy is a very costly affair for the third world countries.
When Science went deep into the matter and elctricity was found out, it was fully realized that the usage has its own dangers. But we started using it along with all its dangers. Science went deeper to discover Nuclear energy and it is millions of times more dangerous than electricity. But still we use it. With all the fast running and mechanized world it appears that man is forced to live within innumerable dangers when calling this world as a modern world becomes questionable. By the same time Nuclear energy contains more politics than the utility. All the countries are into a wild race to achieve a title as 'super power' only based on nuclear power. It is time to provide a rigorous definition for a super power in view of the exact direction of progress of the human civilization.

A world of WHAT IFs!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Huckleberry Finn in Summer camp!

Welcome to the magical musical freedom seeking world of "Huckleberry Finn"...a truly beautiful performance by the kids at a summer camp in New Jersey...
The kids made me wonder what freedom was all about..
Is it something you can smell?
Is it something you can touch?
Is it something you can taste?
well,I have started thinking about you have an answer to that?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Light and water!

The elements of the universe have a unique you and I do..when they interact, they give a lot of meaning to the many unanswered questions in, if you have a question, ask the universe...and your answer will appear to you!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Nature of Light!

True to its nature, light offers a variety of mixed feelings..for the mind that seeks adventure in difference!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Clear Mirage!

Life has its own way of surprising us with her packages...
big or small..they always come as a surprise...
at first they seem like mirages...and then..
they get clearer and clearer.. get what you want!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Being sure!

Slowly but certainly...i am going towards my purpose..
am i aware of that? you may ask..
i know not...for i trust my lead me..
and do what's in this universe!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Life flows...

Life flows from one being to another...
quietly..but surely..
very conscious of its own existence..
like every cell that lives within..that helps the whole form to function!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Amidst the woods!

Amidst the dense woods...
I an anomaly...
unique as every other being..
trying to find a purpose..
in this magnificent thing that is life..
does my existence serve its purpose...
i question myself all the time..
my question answers itself..
asking me not to think too much..
and let things be!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Light plays an important role in our lives. Light gives us numerous alternatives to see things in different ways. The ways our perception changes with every moment, every hour, every day, every month, every year etc is so influenced by light.Similarly, we have several choices to an issue and can confront it from different angles.Try to look at things from the viewpoint of light and see the difference. You can look at it positively like the morning sunlight, be harsh as the noon light...and dark as the setting is your choice!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Challenge Five By Dennis Rivers, MA

In order to coordinate our life and work with the lives and work of other people, we all need to know more of what other people are feeling and thinking, wanting and planning. But our usual "yes/no" questions actually tend to shut people up rather than opening them up. You can encourage your conversation partners to share more of their thoughts and feelings by asking "open-ended" rather than "yes/no" questions. Open-ended questions allow for a wide range of responses. For example, asking "How did you like that food/movie/speech/doctor, etc.?" will evoke a more detailed response than "Did you like it?" (which could be answered with a simple "yes" or "no").
Consider the difference between two versions of the same question, as each might occur in a conversation between two people in a close relationship:

"Well, honey, do you want to go
ahead and rent that apartment we
saw yesterday?"


"Well, honey, how do you feel about
us renting that apartment we saw

The first version suggests a "yes" or "no" answer, favors "yes" and does not invite much discussion. A person hearing such a question may feel pressured to reach a decision, and may not make the best decision.

Both versions imply a suggestion to rent the apartment, but the second question is much more inviting of a wide range of responses. Even if our goal is to persuade, we can't do a good job of that unless we address our listener's concerns, and we won't understand those concerns unless we ask questions that invite discussion.
Thank you Dennis Rivers.

For more:

Reckless Perceptions

This Earthling is yet another part of that infinite whole…

Where its chaos reflects in the world outside…

And its silence reflects in the peace that balances it…

Being a product of the eternal vacuum…

Tries to realize a purpose in this universe…

Truth is intangible…

And that it is intangible, is tangible!

Monday, March 09, 2009


Life is a collection of awesome strings of experiences. I had this beautiful experience in the week of March 19-22, 2009 with a fun loving group of people at NYC. I came across Rainbow Kids Yoga when I was browsing for something interesting to do for the Siragu kids in India. You all know that the Siragu Montessori School is a free school with an alternative system of education for homeless street children in Chennai, SouthEast India.

When I came across their website, it took me only a few minutes to decide to take the teacher training course. The peace I felt when I met Gopala the first time was contagious. The other wonderful people who joined the training were all so energetic and loving. I could see their eagerness to learn and share their knowledge with the kids they'd go back to.
The playfulness of the group was inspiring and Gopala had brought out the child in all of us. We all left our adulthood outside and interacted with each other as kids. The atmosphere was filled with fun and learning alternating in a smooth flowing way.

We learned a lot of fun poses for kids and family and Gopala taught us to integrate yoga poses in the kids' stories and also gave us each 5 minutes to conduct a class of our own on the last day of training. Creativity flowed as each one of us got a hands on the teaching and the rest acted like kids trying to create a real atmosphere of teaching kids. It was fun trying to distract the teacher and trying to cope up with distracting kids and engaging them while the assignment was going on. It was so much fun! We laughed so much and enjoyed every single moment of the training. By the fourth day, even though we were exhausted, we went with the flow and did not feel it a lot.
I could go more and more about the whole experience but I think after all this learning, it is up to us to practice it and share it with the world outside. I intend to prepare a curriculum and teach the kids at Siragu School next time i go to India.
you can also see pictures here.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Piks from the health care 2009!!!

You can check out Dr.Ralph's collage about the Health care Intensive 2009 from the following link...

Patch Adams on fun and friendship...

Patch talks about a hospital that includes alternative medicine, and he includes homeopathy and acupuncture. Here is text from his essay:

Vision for a Free Hospital Based on Fun and Friendship

by Patch Adams

I entered medical school in 1967 to use medicine as a vehicle for social change. I used my free time to study the history of health care delivery around the world and to look at contemporary models with the idea of creating a medical model that would address all the problems of the way care is delivered. I didn't intend to create a model that would be the answer to the problems; but to model creative problem solving, and to spark each medical facility to design their own ideal rather than succumb to the garbage of managed care, or a resignation to the impossibility of humanistic care. Beginning in the climate of the political "war on poverty," I felt confident that a free hospital to serve the poorest state, West Virginia, would find easy funding and that we would be built in four years. I smile writing this as we enter our 33rd year without having broken ground on the hospital. However, we have asked our architect to go to finished drawings so that we can begin building as soon as we have funding in hand. None of the journey has gone as I imagined and the vision is so much deeper, more comprehensive and far-reaching as a consequence of such deliberate progress.

The original vision had all the principles we have maintained all these years. There would be no charge for the care. Barter was also not an option. In fact, we wanted to eliminate the idea of debt in the medical interaction as a way to begin recreating human community. We didn't want people to think they owed something; we wanted them to think...for more click here.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Endless skies...

A wish that I made turned into a cloud yesterday...
waiting to manifest itself into the wish I made...
from above...
the rain it might bring down to my earth...
so i can share my wish with everyone!!


Hey all...Do you dream of a world which is built out of love and care only and everything was free???
Well, for starters, there is a group of loving people who are struggling to redesign Health care and make it a care system...for all!!
We recently went to a Health care Intensive conducted by Dr. Patch Adams and the School for Designing a Society in Baltimore, Maryland for four days.
There were so many activities, lectures and presentations made by loving doctors who are creating waves of love in the society here.
I want to connect you to their blog so you can read all about it...
please visit

Friday, January 30, 2009

Fusion of Contradictions- Part II

Continued from Fusion of Contradictions -part I...

On the other hand artificiality is perceived in an altogether different manner by the intellectual community; ‘any manmade material form is artificial’, which includes innumerable commodities, all the means of production such as machines and also certain modes of communication such as languages.

In this sense when the so called scientific community endeavors towards identification of decaying properties in the non-decaying materials to get an axis with nature, the so called intellectual community endeavors towards rejection of all the inorganic and synthetic substances and tries to inhabit upon all the living things to emphasize the notion ‘natural’.

The society as a whole tends towards innumerable debates and controversies and on the practical side stresses upon the usage of more organic substances while rejection of inorganic and synthetic commodities. When this trend of rejection of synthetic commodities is quite successful in the less populated countries but seldom could be adopted on all the practical means in the overpopulated countries. At the same time the usage of synthetic materials seeps into the society in multifarious direct and indirect applications when the human society is unconsciously entangled and could not find an escape route from the so called ‘artificial’, in other words got trapped with the ‘artificial’.

By the same time the consumption of innumerable inorganic substances as medicines when they do not have a decaying process along with the metabolic functioning of the human body, thereby greatly increase the proportion of ‘artificial’ in each and every human physiology thereby greatly reducing the proportion of natural.

On the other hand, ignoring the objective realities of ‘artificial’ the wider encouragement for the usage of organic substances, as if turning the lives towards ‘natural life’ is nothing but an ‘absurdity’ and such attitudes have greatly increased the further etching of nature thereby rupture of great natural processes for the sake of pseudo mental satisfaction while enjoying human comforts and physical facilities coupled with stupidity in the understanding of ‘artificial’.

In this sense, the production of organic substances and materials in multifarious bizarre forms and to conclude that as the expressions of natural and aesthetic sensitivity indicates yet another sheer absurdity associated with ignorance of the understanding of ‘artificial and natural’ and thus indicating such expressions as a whole towards crude insensitivity with respect to nature.

Now the tendency of the intellectual community in all the practicalities to adopt all the artificial substances invented by the scientific community and at the same time while projecting themselves as nature lovers by various productive expressions, indicates a sheer pretension and the exploitation of not only all the human values but also all the gentle, delicate and true sensitivity of the society and therefore it becomes an inevitability to define artificiality from an altogether different plane.

Almost all the practices and especially all the scientific practices of the society, as on today, sharpen the question, ‘whether man belongs to nature or nature belongs to man?’

The true richness and the synchronism of nature could be understood only if a situation of nature independent of human could be imagined. At the same time only the same synchronism of nature and the great metabolic activities of nature have created humans on this earth and the purpose of which is best known only to nature. It is an obvious fact that man can never survive even a moment without nature around, which is being consistently utilized, enjoyed, caressed, explored, amazed, protected, exploited, destructed and destroyed.

That is in the great course of multifarious forms of interaction of man with nature, it could be understood that there is a great mutual exchange between man and nature.

The true distinction between artificiality and natural could be discerned only with the perception of nature on its own and the right of nature to exist as ‘something in itself’.

With this understanding we can now try to define natural and artificial;

On the great course of consistent mutual exchange between nature and mankind, all the perceptions and practices that are providing advantages to man and disadvantages to nature are ‘artificial’; the exchange becomes unfair and thus would lead the mind-set towards destruction of ‘self’ and the mankind towards self destruction.

But at the same time all such exchanges that have been assumed as giving advantages to man while giving disadvantages to nature are in a true sense giving only disadvantages to man with a simple fact that man can never survive without nature.

All the perceptions and practices that provide mutual advantages on such an exchange only would be ‘natural’; when the exchange becomes fair and would lead the mind-set towards realization of ‘self’ and the mankind towards ‘existence’ and live in harmony with nature.

In the process of ‘self realization’ that is widely known as ‘soul realization’, one can never avoid the above said reality in cultivating the mind and practices to distinguish the artificiality and natural in the mind, which is the origin for all the artificial practices and thus becomes the great barrier in the realization of soul.

All naturals in mind and practices would lead towards ‘realization of soul’; whereas all artificial in mind and practices would lead towards ‘destruction of soul’.

Humans make great many exchanges among themselves when one part of such an exchange may become advantageous and the other may become disadvantageous and this exploiting attitude is being recognized as the intelligence of the one who becomes advantageous.

But the reality is that the advantage attained by a man or a group of people while providing disadvantage to another man or group could never be recognized as intelligence; but could be only recognized as stupidity since the man who is recognized with the so called intelligence, is in fact giving disadvantage to his self by actually killing his soul.

The conceptualization of the contradiction between artificial and natural could only be done on a very broader sense and could never be carried out within the narrow limits of plastic commodities and wooden commodities, when this attitude shows yet another absurdity in the productive practices of mankind.

On the other hand when man is nothing but the product of nature and simply nature is the origin of all the multitudes of artificialities, in the great course of development of nature along with mankind all the artificial become a part of nature on an interaction towards a ‘unity’ and on considering the dynamism of further growth of mankind along with nature there happens a ‘fusion of the contradiction’ between ‘artificial’ and ‘natural’ and when man is a form of nature, then it becomes an obvious fact that ‘artificial’ is also a form of ‘nature’.

Fusion of Contradictions- Part I


It would not be an exaggeration that on all the efforts in defining and redefining the conception of ‘living’, a great importance had been endorsed upon one of the most significant aspect known as ‘soul’ in the great course of human history.

There had been the emergence of distinct schools of thought exactly opposite to each other and opposing philosophies and opposing ideologies in the conceptualization of ‘soul’ and the objective realities of existence.

The emergence of such exactly opposite values and the equal recognition they could attain in the course of development of mankind, it is evident that the quest for truth is inherent in the mankind that expresses an innate feeling for harmony.

In the search for truth there is inevitability for the correct inference of ‘untruth’, only which would distinguish the ‘truth’ with clarity.

The search for truth is mostly associated with the concept of ‘soul’; that accommodates in it also the objective realities of the world, which in turn encompasses the subjective contradictions in the objective world.

In the search for defining ‘living’ and realization of ‘soul’, human mind crosses several contradictions; one fundamental among which is the contradiction between ‘artificial’ and ‘natural’ in the mind and practices of people.

The mankind in its course of growth has an inevitability to be compatible with nature to retain the very existence.

But in the course of growth an attitude of haste and aggression infiltrated in the mankind that is a tendency of opposing nature, both in the practices and also in the mind set of the people. This tendency is known as ‘artificiality’.

But on a generalized stand point, man is nothing but a product of nature and in this view whatever man does must also be natural.

But it has been widely recognized that whatever man does is artificial.

We recognize the nest of a bird as natural; a termite mound as natural; a bee hive as natural; a spider’s web as natural. But if a man builds a house then we normally say it as artificial.

In such a state of affairs it becomes necessary to distinguish the line of division between the artificial and natural, with lucidity.

In the struggle for survival at first man had made attempts to understand nature to adapt himself and also for protecting him for ensuring his survival. In the due course he became better comfortable with nature and started using it for his further comforts and also realized his inadequacy in the understanding of nature, when he formed groups towards organizing the search for solutions for various problems, when a tendency of fighting the insecurity in life became primary focus towards monopolizing the so called natural resources, which paved way for betterment of living standards and also productivity, focusing on trade and commerce. Abundant methods and means of production instigated various autonomous and isolated institutional structures while greatly curtailing human freedom due to the fetters of the so called institutional structures.

In the due course, the institutional structures became the depiction of authority, direction, regulation, guidance and so on when all the practices of the human race became focused towards strengthening the so called institutions, essentially economically, which had been assumed as the only means to attain the so called authority, thus getting far deviated from humanity, when the individual humans had no other option but to become slaves for the institutions of various forms and at times even countries turning out to be institutions.

The so called institutional structures of various forms oriented towards security, authority, power and economics did not permit even several heads and the members of the institutions to practice humanity, love, compassion and all those great virtues of mankind but to get involved in various acts against the conscience crossing various ethical and moral barriers with reduced sensitivity and increasing ignorance, while coining a tricky word known as ‘duty’ for obstinately justifying such ignorance. It is also a bitter fact that man is forced to compromise and overlook even his self respect on various occasions due to the institutional compulsions.

That is human invented institutions for his own alleviation to get organized and he got trapped with his own invention towards destruction of ‘self’.

On the other hand mankind invented a lot of means to enhance and betterment of living and the so called comfort ability. With all those inventions and various means for hurried usage of nature towards more and more comfort ability and establishment of authority, almost all the practices of man got focused towards exploitation of nature in a hasty manner.

That is, mankind invented a lot of technologies and gadgets to improve living towards more and more sophistication resulting in a very big question that, ‘where exactly are we heading towards?’

It is obvious that mankind is heading towards self destruction.

Now on the view point of the knowledge and practices of the human society, ‘artificial’ could be defined as something which is invented by man as the product of ignorance coupled with selfishness to get himself trapped in the due course towards destruction of ‘self’ and on the human society as a whole towards ‘self destruction’ and pseudo living.

In the same sense, ‘Natural’ could be defined as something which is invented by man as the product of awareness of the ignorance coupled with selflessness that elevates him towards an upper plane of consciousness and realization of ‘self’ and on the human society as a whole towards ‘existence’ and true living.

With such an understanding of natural and artificial when both of these prevail in the mind and practices of the society, a normally justified and accepted notion through the scientific perceptions is that, whatever materials invented by man that do not decay on natural course are known as artificial.

To be continued...

Thursday, January 29, 2009


A whole new set of responsibilities to take care of...
where have we been so long..time doesn't exist anymore? or does it?
Is the passing of time connected to the restlessness and the fire that is building up within?
Or is time just an illusion to add to the already existing chaos?