Monday, April 22, 2013

The Dark side of Pondicherry

This is a post that should have been put up days ago but here it is. There will be more updates coming out on this, but for starters...
On the night of April 1st, 2013, around 20-30 Pet & Stray Dogs were brutally attacked with steel wires and pipes and thrown into a van by a group of unidentified young men(on the orders of someone influential). They are suspected killed or disposed off, left to die in a far away location from Pondicherry. Of these, some of the dogs are physically disabled and had been brought back to life after months of treatment and have been cared for by the residents including us. The Local police station on 19th April finally agreed to file the FIR and the case has been taken up with much resistance from various directions.
A group of us have been running pillar to post (to Politicians, Govt. Officials, various Police stations etc) trying to get them to start the investigation, find the location of the Dogs and bring justice to the Animals - so that further incidents like this never happen. Right now, we need People, NGOs or other Influential Animal Lovers from outside Pondicherry to put pressure on the Pondicherry Government and Police Department to act. Or if your friends are Journalists or Media people, please get them to cover the issue and bring attention to this issue. Or if you are an NGO or individual with clout, please start calling in on the Pondicherry authorities INCESSANTLY and from various angles and get them to take action.
(And this is not just about Dogs, Cows have been recently subjected to extreme abuse too)
Let's DO SOMETHING. Any specific messages, you can email pondypaws (at the rate) gmail DOT com