Monday, September 23, 2013

'Metroxical New York' wins Cinema Paradiso Award

Helloooo hellooo Peeps, exciting news! Our documentary film 'Metroxical New York' has won the 'CINEMA PARADISO AWARD' for great Cinematography, interesting Concept and being a truly International film at the Auroville Film Festival 2013. It has won in the category 'Films made by Aurovilians, residents of Bio-region and Guests of Auroville' and has been chosen among 53 other films in the category. More than the award itself, we had a lot of people in the audience say some really nice things about it. The reason we feel high is that it connected with people at some level, the same way we connected with the project when we created it. Thanks universe, we owe you more exciting work!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Creativity - Mother of Pain

Extraordinary creativity and Pain have almost always gone hand in hand. You know, the issue of Passion vs Practicality...because creative people almost always cannot follow the rules, or the norms or the ‘system’ – because if you are part of the system, then you are not a rebel, and if you’re not a rebel, then you are not creative, because being creative means you have to be a rebel of sorts. It doesn't mean you have to rebel (for the sake of it) to become creative. It’s something innate. Because rebels don’t know they are rebels. So obviously, when you don’t follow what you’re supposed to follow, you can’t sustain yourself easily in this world, traditionally-speaking. It’s a risk that true artists have to take, even at the cost of their future or maybe even their next work of art. But to think of it, it’s the starvation, the risk, the uncertainty, that insecurity, the pain – that artists feel and experience – are fodder for creativity and if I may dare say, genius. It’s like creativity and despair bounce off and feed off each other in this never-ending cycle. And it's really not a fault to be sucked in that cycle. Because as they say, it is by being who you are in a world that's constantly trying to fit you in its mold, is the most liberating. (Art work: Earthling)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Metroxical New York at Auroville Film Festival 2013

Folks, our recent Documentary Film 'Metroxical New York' - A poetic narrative about the underground subway music in New York City and how it forms the basis for a futuristic collective society - directed by Koushalya and created by Accessible Horizon Films is now screening at the Auroville Film Festival. Everyone's welcome and friends in Pondicherry, do make it! It screens on September 19th, 2013 at 7:30 p.m at the Outdoor Venue to be announced by the Auroville Film Festival. Please see their website for details -

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

An Artist's Rite of Passage

This has been said before and will be said again by many. But of course, I won't stop myself from saying it. Every artist that has gone against the grain, at many points in their lives, must cross certain difficult and excruciating phases, in order to move on to better and brighter things. When you think about it philosophically, it seems like just another epiphany, where we can go 'wow here's a truth of life'. But to actually undergo those phases and especially during those periods, is something inexplicable that can make you numb. Sometimes, the pleasure of doing something you really love against all odds comes with the extreme pain of it not realizing its original intention. Though there are bigger, better, brighter things coming along the way, sometimes you feel like you are in a vaccum. I think we are at such a crossroads, right now.