Thursday, November 30, 2006

Reduction of air pollution - An Awakening

The advent of Electric cars, hybrid cars are paving way for the reduction in air pollution in the current scenario. Although these cars came into existence in the early 1900's, there were a few factors that would have influenced in supressing them. Some of them could have been like non- availability of electricity in the remote areas in the olden days or the threat for oil exploration companies and oil exporting countries. The list could expand to infinity.

Of all these hurdles, electric cars sneaked into the market in the early1990's with tags like environmental friendly, low power consumption, less maintenance as there are few moving parts unlike in gasoline cars. Due to political issues and selfish people they were scrapped from the market. When people were ready to buy them, the automobile manufacturers were forced to stop their production by unknown external factors.

Finally there seems to be a ray of hope for the electric cars and hybrid cars as a few other automobile manufacturers have had the courage to give life for them in the market. One of the electric car manufacturers’ website below would provide more information about the future for them.

Soon we can find decreasing gas stations and increasing electric charging station in every house, every parking lot and on top of it a dead end for war for oil. Hey all gasoline car owners, its time for changing to hybrid or electric cars or else you will lose a lot while reselling your car after a year or two.


A word that says it’s all over,

A word that says it’s all begun,

A word that gives you no mercy,

A word that gives you all the hope,

A word that means you’ve something ahead,

A word that says ‘no looking back’,

A word that soothes,

A word that cuts through,

A word that can give,

A word that can deprive,

A word that means there’s nothing more,

A word telling you it’s just the beginning,

A word telling you it’s just enough,

A word that means there’s more to life,


A word that eventually takes you to a different plane of life!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

FriendSHIP...the only ship that never sinks!

No matter what comes our life...
There are some things we can always hold on to...
Each and every soul needs a friend...
To evolve, to be happy, to laugh, to cry...and eventually...

Monday, November 27, 2006

Babel: Ok but Enough's enough

Ok, here's the deal...let's stop the saturation before it gets intolerable. I love films with horizontal storylines/non-linear narratives/parallel structures, but please, we gotta refrain from overdoing it. Magnolia, Syriana, Crash and now Babel...gosh gimme a break, there's a clear pattern emerging here. Non-linear's in and too much of it is making me wanna hurl. But if you still wanna do it, do something more with it, something different. As Hollywood says "Give the same thing, but only different".
I ain't gonna lie but I've had ideas about doing Non-linear narratives, but what I now realize is that you gotta think way ahead of your time before bringing out something original. That's why I've been racking my brains and trying to come up with a different structure. Hope my grey matter musters up enough activity in the next few weeks to break out of the clutter.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


This was the response given by me in will there be any difference now? in 2006?
The nature of life always deals with any issue in two ways. The reason why we experience bad is because we will know the difference when it is good. This is the universal truth accepted by majority of human beings who learn the ways of living through this formula. A fear for something indirectly inspires the human to conquer it in some way and carry on with the next coming challenge. And without conquering the fear for the first time no person can proceed to the next level of life's understanding. The lesson comes from the very fact when the person learns to face and surmount fear, he takes the strength from this victory and feeds his will and determination to vanquish all the fears he might face in the forthcoming lessons of life. It's strange that most of the answers to life's questions lie in the questions themselves. When fear for example comes in the form a simple insecurity towards a relationship between a child and his favorite toy, the child learns to confront the fear first by developing protective instincts towards it. The fear of losing the toy will provide all the strength for the child to safeguard it from any of his possible threats. Fear also indirectly paves way for the expression of the mind without any inhibitions. If people under the threat of domination by anyone around them be submissive about their expression due to fear, and fail to overcome it, the experience gained from an otherwise free mind would never be felt at all.
Fear definitely directs the mind in a way which helps it to adapt itself to the actual LIVING though the momentary threat it kindles in the mind is temporary.
So, what do you think? Is FEAR necessary???

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Clouded Mystery

Even the brightest ones can be hidden behind the clouds...

But they are just passing clouds...

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Omnipresent, the Omniscient...

That which gives the highest degree of comfort between beings…

That which allows limitless tolerance between beings…

That which helps to maintain balance of all possible emotions…

That which reveals all the joys of togetherness among beings…

That which is present in the deed done by every caring mind…

That which relates every being with an unknown bond…

That which will remind others of our existence even after we’re long gone…

That which leaves every being with wonderful memories to hold on…

That which intensifies the very meaning and purpose of living…

That which coexists with beings in this planet…

That which endures without our our souls..forever..

That which is the only possible reason for this planet to exist…

That which above all makes us realize that


............and that is Love, Love and Only Love..............

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Upcoming Short film - Wait No More

Title: Wait No More
Synopsis: Wait No More is about you and your psyche and how your "worldly self" ignores the simple intentions of the "self within". If you don't take chances with the self within, what would be at stake? Your raison d'etre or life itself?
Cast: Ragini Parmar, Patrick Fernicola
Status: Currently in Post-production (Completed Rough cut)
Production Stills: Check out
Keep checking for updates.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Memento - Raison d'etre

After many metaphysical indications, I finally watched Memento last night. Considered one of the most critically acclaimed films that came out 6 years ago, it has had some of the worst divided audience on the subjective nature of the film as well as the structure and content. Scores of critics/fans/noir-lovers have dissected the film so much that it really doesn't another review from me. Anatomically speaking, it doesn't make sense to cut up an already cut-up film.
Christopher Nolan (Writer/Director) has no doubt done a good job, but isn't there a line of demarcation one has to draw between giving the audience a grueling experience rewarded by a nice pay-off (translates an understandable message with no loose ends) as opposed to a grueling experience with layers of loose ends (with each scene having its own course of reasoning)?
In the end, there are so many revelations that feels maybe like unfinished business leaving the audience to still work it out on their own. But hey, I'm usually up for some challenge but sometimes it leaves me wondering what the point was. Existentialism itself is something that's as deeply subjective as thoughts/perspectives themselves but when you make a film out of that I guess it becomes much more subjective beyond even the realms of space.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I think Discovery Channel will excuse me for posting their rather thought provoking question...


Ask yourself this question time to time and see if you really do anything different... once in a while!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Post Men-of-Burden NYC Screening

Men of Burden had its NEW YORK CITY premiere yesterday at 6 p.m. It was a more-than-satisfactory evening!
Before the screening, when we were standing outside the theater waiting for people to come, it hardly seemed like anybody did. But the moment we went in, we couldn't believe it...the theater was almost full. During the scenes of Vincent, Balaraman and Selvam (Rickshawmen in our film), people couldn't stop laughing. And by the end of the film, the film had quite a sustained applause. Seems like people really enjoyed the film :-)
The post-screening discussion was moderated by Vandana from the IAAC Film Festival staff. The best part of it was that people came forward to make donations for the Men of Burden - Cycle Rickshaw Revival Project
We also announced the launch of our MOB - Soundtrack music album which has Steve Gorn's wonderful music underscoring the entire film.
The After-party at Asia Society was good and we met many filmmakers including Directors, Actors, Producers and others. There was a mix of those just starting out and those who are established. Overall, it was a very interesting evening, of course, how could I forget the Chardonnay and the Merlot!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

IAAC Film Festival 2006

This is the night of the third day of the festival.
A good collection of films - both shorts and documentaries.
Some films that I/we watched since Nov.1st:

The Namesake

Toba Tek Singh
View from a Grain of sand
Un posh yeli weli van posh
Kabaddi Cops
Flower Girl
The Seance
Singing Pictures

Hiding Divya
Gandhi at the Bat
Twins of Mankala
Davy & Stu
Nina's Heavenly Delights

The reviews will soon follow...too tired from the drive and ofcourse movie-watching ;-)