Monday, November 27, 2006

Babel: Ok but Enough's enough

Ok, here's the deal...let's stop the saturation before it gets intolerable. I love films with horizontal storylines/non-linear narratives/parallel structures, but please, we gotta refrain from overdoing it. Magnolia, Syriana, Crash and now Babel...gosh gimme a break, there's a clear pattern emerging here. Non-linear's in and too much of it is making me wanna hurl. But if you still wanna do it, do something more with it, something different. As Hollywood says "Give the same thing, but only different".
I ain't gonna lie but I've had ideas about doing Non-linear narratives, but what I now realize is that you gotta think way ahead of your time before bringing out something original. That's why I've been racking my brains and trying to come up with a different structure. Hope my grey matter musters up enough activity in the next few weeks to break out of the clutter.


earthling said...

Rags...Very true..a disappointment indeed! it was like i was looking for something throughout BABEL and did not find it till the end...
Haha...I am going to keep this in mind and get back to you when you release your feature!
Come on! Show us what you've got!!

RNith said...

When i saw Crash the first time.. i was like what a wonderful idea and then when i saw Syriana i was like.. yeah that was good... and after seeing Babel i was like.. whats the big deal.