Saturday, November 04, 2006

IAAC Film Festival 2006

This is the night of the third day of the festival.
A good collection of films - both shorts and documentaries.
Some films that I/we watched since Nov.1st:

The Namesake

Toba Tek Singh
View from a Grain of sand
Un posh yeli weli van posh
Kabaddi Cops
Flower Girl
The Seance
Singing Pictures

Hiding Divya
Gandhi at the Bat
Twins of Mankala
Davy & Stu
Nina's Heavenly Delights

The reviews will soon follow...too tired from the drive and ofcourse movie-watching ;-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The experience was different as usual! Well, when you take a break from the normal routines and do something different for a change, everything will be different!
In fact one of the movies did actually emphasize on that fact...that once in a while if you did something totally different from your normal routine, it increases your life span by some 5 years and your heart and mind stays healthy...i have tried that many times.. and trust me, the refreshing feeling is unexplainable..
The movie that talked about it was ONE VAGABOND DAY!!

KABADDI COPS is yet another movie about the Canadian police where the cops, in order to bond with the local South Asian Community, learnt the age old game Kabaddi and played it with the Indians. What a wonderful thought of bringing the world together!!!
One more movie that really made me happy was UN POSH YELI WELI VAN POSH which means You will get your bread only if your forests last!
This movie is about villagers who live on the Indian side of the INDO-PAK border.After realizing that the forests have been destroyed by various anti-human elements, began a mission and planted almost 1.3million trees in the same areas! Isn't that something wonderful and HUMANE??
Will get back to yu guys soon...