Thursday, November 23, 2006


This was the response given by me in will there be any difference now? in 2006?
The nature of life always deals with any issue in two ways. The reason why we experience bad is because we will know the difference when it is good. This is the universal truth accepted by majority of human beings who learn the ways of living through this formula. A fear for something indirectly inspires the human to conquer it in some way and carry on with the next coming challenge. And without conquering the fear for the first time no person can proceed to the next level of life's understanding. The lesson comes from the very fact when the person learns to face and surmount fear, he takes the strength from this victory and feeds his will and determination to vanquish all the fears he might face in the forthcoming lessons of life. It's strange that most of the answers to life's questions lie in the questions themselves. When fear for example comes in the form a simple insecurity towards a relationship between a child and his favorite toy, the child learns to confront the fear first by developing protective instincts towards it. The fear of losing the toy will provide all the strength for the child to safeguard it from any of his possible threats. Fear also indirectly paves way for the expression of the mind without any inhibitions. If people under the threat of domination by anyone around them be submissive about their expression due to fear, and fail to overcome it, the experience gained from an otherwise free mind would never be felt at all.
Fear definitely directs the mind in a way which helps it to adapt itself to the actual LIVING though the momentary threat it kindles in the mind is temporary.
So, what do you think? Is FEAR necessary???


earthling said...

It’s better to have a balance in each and every action. Though I feel fear for another human should never be encouraged, surmounting and conquering the fear that comes in various forms only leaves us with knowledge to tackle further impending difficult ways of life and puts us in a better place. It always gives us a confidence to confront the world and life with better vigor and express ourselves to our fullest.
In that way, we will no doubt extract the essence of knowledge in as many forms as possible.

Mohan said...

Fear is not at all necessary for any human on this earth. Once he or she has experienced to surpass anything which is bothering, it means that the person has overcome fear. Its a state of mind which feels that certain things are not possible or somethings could not be accomplished. With every changing day, fear is eliminated by the mind by its nature to accomodate for the new challenges its facing. Lets learn to know our mind than fear.

Rags said...

Well, I think fear is more of an innate emotion that helps us balance ourselves through various times. I wouldn't say it's absolutely necessary but without it, how could we gauge our actions? It's more or less like a caliper that's important to measure ourselves at every stage. Something to keep us in check. Eh?