Monday, March 18, 2013

Yeee-Haww! Knight Hopper New iPhone Game App!

So who’s feeling a bit Horsey now? Or who wants to become a Knight overnight? Or who’s in a mood for some mind-crunching chess?
Anyway and anywho, we have to give a new shout-out to a new thingie created by our very own…drum-rollll…Ramesh Mourthy…ta-daaa…for creating, designing and releasing his new iPhone/iPad Game App called the ‘Knight Hopper’. So if you are wondering what in the name of heaven IS this, hop no further, coz you can hop all you want when you play the game.
Yes ladyies and gentilmen, Knight Hopper is a new game from the Accessible Horizon stable that can put your mind to the test. It’s now available all over the world for download, upload, overload, whatever. Dare to ride the horse and get your Knighthood by playing Knight Hopper! And dare your other friends/gaming-geeks to join in on the fun by sharing this with abandon.
Here’s the link:
So you think you know to play chess? THINK AGAIN... Knight Hopper's challenge is to cover all the squares with the knight, without landing on any square twice. The knight must visit each square exactly once and in accordance with the chess rules.
Chief Architect/Master Geek – Ramesh Mourthy (the guy who gives the Geeky touch to team Acchor)
Design Director/Photoshop Wiz – Earthling (yeah, yeah the pseudonymous artist whose work is at display in Auroville)

Stable Assistants/Cutting & Otting – Raghu and Dass(who did all the menial labor for the above 2…GRRR)
And folks, do Rate and give your feedback about the game at the iTunes store - Knight Hopper.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Art Exhibition 'The Non-resilient Molecule' in Auroville

Hi Hey Hellooo...Peeps
It's been a lil' while. While there were/are a few things up on our platter at Accessible Horizon, we got a bit of a great news to share for now. Between March 15th to 31st, one of our partners-in-crime, 'Earthling'(those of you in the know, know who we're talking about) is releasing her first ever, (conventionally-speaking) Artistic Exhibition titled 'THE NON-RESILIENT MOLECULE' at the Gallery Square Circle, Kalakendra, Bharat Nivas in AUROVILLE.
Since she's way too modest to admit that it was she who created the various pieces of Acrylic on Canvas, she declares them to be from the Infinite, but only channeling through her, Earthling.
So we want to give a shout-out to all you out there to arrive in class, uncoil your creative nerves, talk away asking intellectual questions, discuss the hyper-amplified ramifications of art on society and and…enuff!
Anyways, ok now, really, just come, come ONE, come ALL! And have a blast with us during the 15-day show! The Inaugural date and time is March 15th, Friday at 4:00 p.m at Bharat Nivas, Auroville (inside the Gallery Square Circle, Kalakendra). Just call us if you have trouble finding directions.