Tuesday, November 21, 2017

ANTHADHI (End-Beginning) - Award-winning Malayalam Short Film, Chinnu Kuruvilla, Sethu Parvathy

Two Souls in Love...balancing each other's nature...in a never ending vortex of ends and beginnings! 
Penned and Orchestrated by Earthling Koushalya 
Created by Accessible Horizon Film Collective Earthling Koushalya Maverick Dass Ramesh Mourthy Stanzin Raghu 
Cast - Chinnu Kuruvilla Sethu Parvathy 
Cinematography Maverick Dass 
Associate Cinematography Auro Venkatesh Jegan 
Music by Prashanth Mohanasundaram 
Violin Kiran Kashyap 
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Sankararaman Krishnamoorthi 
Music Produced at Conch Music House 
Art Director Earthling Koushalya 
Sound Saravanan Ramachandran 
Still Photography Maverick Dass 
DI Colorist Stanzin Raghu Maverick Dass 
Title Consultant Frank Antony

Accessible Horizon Films 2017

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Pombala Pombalayaa Irukanum - Short Film Poster

Hey there, Laydees and Jentilmen...presenting Accessible Horizon Films' next Short film in Tamil...'Pombala Pombalayaa Irukanum'(Women must behave like Women).

Synopsis: Title is self-explanatory, "Basically, women must behave!" don't you think?!! ;-)

Made with a tiny crew and cast, pretty much as usual :-)

Featuring Actor/Performing Artist/Author & State Award Winner Living Smile Vidya who is also our long-time collaborator(from 500 & 5 - Ayynoorum Ayynthum) and Stanzin Raghu. Concept by AccessibleHorizon FilmCollective. Orchestrated by Stanzin Raghu. Penned by Stanzin Raghu and Earthling K. Cinematography by Maverick Dass. Created by Earthling K, Ramesh Mourthy, Maverick Dass and Stanzin Raghu. Publicity Design by the awesome Mithran The-Maverick. Sound by Saravanan Ramachandran, Colour DI by Aurovenkatesh Auroville.

Here's the First look poster.