Thursday, January 02, 2014

New Promo for New Year for 'Ayynoorum Ayynthum(500 & 5) Tamil Indie Film

Dear folks
This is the 500th Post in our blog and this is also an occasion to share something about 'Ayynoorum Ayynthum (500 & 5)' our Independent Tamil feature film in the dawn of a new year.
A very Happy New Year from all of us at Accessible Horizon Films!
While 2013 has been very eventful, 2014 looks even more promising and we hope it's the same for you.
Also, we are writing to share with you a crazy, exciting new Promo Video for our 'Ayynoorum Ayynthum (500 & 5)'. It's sort of an excuse to reveal the biggest challenge for Independent filmmakers in India 'How do we take our film to the audience?'.
Which incidentally is our LIFE during most of 2013!
So do watch it, enjoy and share!
Thanks a lot