Monday, April 30, 2007


Hey guys! We just got the cards from the kids in Canada...As you all know this could not have been possible without our dear friend, filmmaker and teacher Mitra Sen and her wonderful school kids!
Check out the beautiful postcards at the WORLDKIDSUNITE Blogspot...
Let's spread the word...of Peace!

Here Vs. There

This is the first installment of a slice of life comparison between Here Vs. There. By 'Here' I mean the developed countries that we comfortably sit in, often complain about and take for granted. By 'There' I obviously mean the so-called Third world(I hate that term) countries, so we shall refer to them as developing /under-developed countries. These images are meant to jolt us into least ring a bell deep inside us to appreciate the little things we have in life.
This was actually an email forward that I received. Also see the afterword below the picture.

"Observe around you and be thankful for all that you have in this transitory lifetime…
We are fortunate, we have much more than what we need to be content. Let’s try not to feed this endless cycle of consumerism and immorality in which this “modern and advanced” society forgets and ignores the other two thirds of our brothers and sisters.
Let us complain and give more."

Monday, April 23, 2007

Designing an alternative SOCIETY?

We have endless talks and discussions about how demoralized and desperate our present human society is!
When someone asks you the simple question, What would you do to change the society and help make this world a better place?
What would be your answer?
I came across this SCHOOL FOR DESIGNING A SOCIETY. It is disappointing in the sense that we all have time to complain about how incorrigible the current system has become but never have the time to sit down and note down changes that we can actually make - to make it better!
Check this School's site and get an idea as to what you could be doing instead of just sitting and discussing what is wrong. The idea is not to get you enrolled in the school but to think of taking some action towards creating a change which could actually make a difference in some small way!
Check their blog site HERE

Also check the blog PASSIONS AND SURVIVAL.BLOGSPOT.COM for the interview with ROB SCOTT on Beyond Available Alternatives.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Preview Clip (1) - Men of Burden

With our impending Exclusive NYC screening of "Men of Burden - Pedaling Towards a Horizon", on May 12th, 2007, at 5 p.m (at Aicon Gallery), we just thought it might be a good idea to re-post the Preview Clips.
For more Event Information, please click on Exclusive Screening.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sculpting in Time: Tarkovskian theory of cinema

The concept of time in film has been a fascinating aspect to me. The past, nostalgia, dreamy flashbacks, foreseeable futures and even basic montages that cut through time. And then, there are also the concepts of linear story-telling and horizontal story-telling (Linear Vs. Non-linear narratives) which we may all be familiar with.
But I recently came across this great filmmaker - Russian director, Andrei Tarkovsky - who actually developed a theory of cinema called "Sculpting in Time" where the passage of time is in "real time" as in unedited sequences. To be more precise, here's an excerpt from Wikipedia about his method and style of working/directing.
Tarkovsky developed a theory of cinema that he called "sculpting in time". By this he meant that the unique characteristic of cinema as a medium was to take our experience of time and alter it. Unedited movie footage transcribes time in real time. (The speedy jump-cutting style that is prevalent in music videos and many Hollywood movies, by contrast, overrides any sense of time by imposing the editor's viewpoint.) By using long takes and few cuts in his films, he aimed to give the viewers a sense of time passing, time lost, and the relationship of one moment in time to another. Up to and including his film Mirror, Tarkovsky focused his cinematic works on exploring this theory.
This is one area I really wanna explore in my future projects. But I guess this is mainly possible in story structures that demand a specific emotional response. I don't think there's any way to make fast-paced movies with this kind of a styling. Well, we could, maybe intersperse the sculpting-in-time scenes with action and create a horizontal structure. And we should keep in mind that the narrative shouldn't get lost in the array of parallel scenes.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Men of Burden - Exclusive Screening in NYC

Accessible Horizon Films in association with Aicon Gallery(formerly Gallery ArtsIndia), presents an Exclusive Screening of “MEN OF BURDEN – PEDALING TOWARDS A HORIZON

Total Running Time: 66 minutes
Screening Venue: Aicon Gallery, 206, Fifth Avenue, New York, NY – 10010
Date & Time: 5:00 p.m – 6:30 p.m, 12th May, 2007
Post-Screening Discussion with Filmmakers: Moderated by Actress Pooja Kumar
Tickets: All proceeds go directly to a Social cause (Men of Burden Cycle Rickshaw Revival Project)
$12 cash at the door
$20 cash donations at door(Receive the Men of Burden Sound Track CD by Steve Gorn)

For more information, please visit:

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wings Of Evolution meets Asim H. Premji

Ok, so we thought we had only a few proponents of quality education in India - education towards building a better tomorrow, education that lets children decide what they want to study, education that truly focuses on the learning process. Guess what? The (above) theme of our documentary film Wings of Evolution is exactly the same as what Asim H. Premji, Chairman of Wipro Technologies, thinks that education should do.
Wings of Evolution, based on Siragu School in the outskirts of Chennai, focuses on Education that makes children an integral part of creating the learning process, themselves. Children have playtime and study time mixed up in the right combination that children never feel the pressure or the need to compulsively allocate study time. This has helped them to focus on areas of learning that they truly feel attracted to. This has enhanced the quality of learning such that there has not been a single dropout during the 3-4 years of their school's inception.
Best of all, all this quality comes FREE. Free education combined with quality and international standards can only result in India looking forward to a better future.
Asim Premji in his column The Weight Of Wings on Outlook India magazine, talks about revamping the entire system of education in India. Of course, this is an issue that needs to be addressed not only by the independent NGOs or social organizations or Trusts, but also(obviously) by the Government of India, through policy makers who have to play an instrumental role in seeing this change happen.
Key quote from his article:
In India now, there is a growing realization of the need for change. We have begun to realize that our children don't seem to learn how to learn; numerous studies have proven this. We have made the transition from concern for just basic literacy to quality education. We need to progress from a compulsion to mass-produce stereotypes to creating independent thinkers and active learners.
For more, check out The Weight Of Wings, We need a revamp -- to create free thinkers, not compulsive learners

Friday, April 06, 2007

Simplification #1








For Eg:




For Eg...



I have tried to simplify two concepts from a broad perspective...I am trying this for the first time..
More to come..

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Men of Burden - Official Selection at NJISA Cine Fest

Hi all
'Men of Burden - Pedaling Towards a Horizon' has been officially selected at the New Jersey Independent South Asian Cine Fest and will be screened June 2nd-3rd at the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick. This will most likely be the NJ premiere of the film.

New Jersey Independent South Asian Cine Fest, NJISACF, produced by the Asian American Film and Theater Project, in association with Manavi, is committed to the exhibition of independent films by and about South Asians. It promotes and recognizes the talents of the new, the established, the best and the brightest Indie filmmakers from across the globe.
The two-day festival will screen feature, short, documentary and animated films of all genres, with accompanying filmmaker Q&As, and panel discussions on various topics related to the craft and business of filmmaking. Jury and Audience Choice Prizes will be awarded for excellence in various categories.
The festival’s mission is to facilitate a thriving and dynamic interaction and dialog among filmmakers, writers, actors, producers, film critics, film scholars, film industry professionals, the movie-loving public, and the American society at large, thereby making it an essential part of the multi-cultural landscape of New Jersey.

Watch out for updates on more screenings in the NY Tri-state area.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Reality & States of Being

Of late, I've been having random thoughts, very ambiguous, ecstatic and weird even. Sometimes I wonder where all this really comes from. I mean, does me saying I'm happy or sad or confused or angry mean that I'm all those at different points of time. What is the reality then? That is, if 'reality' even exists.
Well then if I feel those at different times, aren't my thoughts always subjective to that 'reality'. So those random feelings - are those just states of being(emotions) depending on various situations. So if we can control our thoughts or situations can we control our subjective reality? Our states of being?
Which brings us to an important school of thought - Subjective reality.
Here's an excerpt from Steve Pavlina's theory of subjective reality.
Subjective reality is an integrated belief system where consciousness and awareness are primary. They are the container in which everything else exists. And I do mean EVERYTHING.
In a truly subjective universe, there is nothing outside your own consciousness — no world, no bodies, no brain. Suppose I ask you the question, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” With an objective belief structure, you might say yes, but you might also say no, depending on your views on quantum physics. However, if you believed in subjective reality, you have to reject the question entirely. You’d say that there’s no such thing as a tree outside your awareness. That tree doesn’t even exist. Nor does the forest for that matter. If you are not there to observe it, it doesn’t exist at all. Without consciousness there is no existence.
A secondary element is that within a subjective universe, thought is the primary creative element. All thoughts manifest in some form, whether conscious or unconscious. So the physical universe is like a giant computer, crunching your thoughts into reality. Thoughts are waves, and the physical universe is the summation of all those waves. Hence where there is no thought, there is no physical existence. If a thought does not exist, its physical manifestation does not exist either.

In spite of all this, we have objective reality which obviously is a departure from subjective reality, but again it is one that is under the realm of subjective reality. Here's an article on transcending subjective reality from
Do check out the quote from the blog on the Persian philosopher Ibn Sina which I think makes sense as far as understanding objective reality is concerned.
My point is, in order to understand reality, we have to be aware of both the subjective and objective realms and act accordingly. Sometimes it may not seem to make sense but we wanna cope up with our reality a basic understanding is definitely essential.
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Sunday, April 01, 2007

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