Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wings Of Evolution meets Asim H. Premji

Ok, so we thought we had only a few proponents of quality education in India - education towards building a better tomorrow, education that lets children decide what they want to study, education that truly focuses on the learning process. Guess what? The (above) theme of our documentary film Wings of Evolution is exactly the same as what Asim H. Premji, Chairman of Wipro Technologies, thinks that education should do.
Wings of Evolution, based on Siragu School in the outskirts of Chennai, focuses on Education that makes children an integral part of creating the learning process, themselves. Children have playtime and study time mixed up in the right combination that children never feel the pressure or the need to compulsively allocate study time. This has helped them to focus on areas of learning that they truly feel attracted to. This has enhanced the quality of learning such that there has not been a single dropout during the 3-4 years of their school's inception.
Best of all, all this quality comes FREE. Free education combined with quality and international standards can only result in India looking forward to a better future.
Asim Premji in his column The Weight Of Wings on Outlook India magazine, talks about revamping the entire system of education in India. Of course, this is an issue that needs to be addressed not only by the independent NGOs or social organizations or Trusts, but also(obviously) by the Government of India, through policy makers who have to play an instrumental role in seeing this change happen.
Key quote from his article:
In India now, there is a growing realization of the need for change. We have begun to realize that our children don't seem to learn how to learn; numerous studies have proven this. We have made the transition from concern for just basic literacy to quality education. We need to progress from a compulsion to mass-produce stereotypes to creating independent thinkers and active learners.
For more, check out The Weight Of Wings, We need a revamp -- to create free thinkers, not compulsive learners

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