Monday, April 02, 2007

Reality & States of Being

Of late, I've been having random thoughts, very ambiguous, ecstatic and weird even. Sometimes I wonder where all this really comes from. I mean, does me saying I'm happy or sad or confused or angry mean that I'm all those at different points of time. What is the reality then? That is, if 'reality' even exists.
Well then if I feel those at different times, aren't my thoughts always subjective to that 'reality'. So those random feelings - are those just states of being(emotions) depending on various situations. So if we can control our thoughts or situations can we control our subjective reality? Our states of being?
Which brings us to an important school of thought - Subjective reality.
Here's an excerpt from Steve Pavlina's theory of subjective reality.
Subjective reality is an integrated belief system where consciousness and awareness are primary. They are the container in which everything else exists. And I do mean EVERYTHING.
In a truly subjective universe, there is nothing outside your own consciousness — no world, no bodies, no brain. Suppose I ask you the question, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” With an objective belief structure, you might say yes, but you might also say no, depending on your views on quantum physics. However, if you believed in subjective reality, you have to reject the question entirely. You’d say that there’s no such thing as a tree outside your awareness. That tree doesn’t even exist. Nor does the forest for that matter. If you are not there to observe it, it doesn’t exist at all. Without consciousness there is no existence.
A secondary element is that within a subjective universe, thought is the primary creative element. All thoughts manifest in some form, whether conscious or unconscious. So the physical universe is like a giant computer, crunching your thoughts into reality. Thoughts are waves, and the physical universe is the summation of all those waves. Hence where there is no thought, there is no physical existence. If a thought does not exist, its physical manifestation does not exist either.

In spite of all this, we have objective reality which obviously is a departure from subjective reality, but again it is one that is under the realm of subjective reality. Here's an article on transcending subjective reality from
Do check out the quote from the blog on the Persian philosopher Ibn Sina which I think makes sense as far as understanding objective reality is concerned.
My point is, in order to understand reality, we have to be aware of both the subjective and objective realms and act accordingly. Sometimes it may not seem to make sense but we wanna cope up with our reality a basic understanding is definitely essential.
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