Monday, April 23, 2007

Designing an alternative SOCIETY?

We have endless talks and discussions about how demoralized and desperate our present human society is!
When someone asks you the simple question, What would you do to change the society and help make this world a better place?
What would be your answer?
I came across this SCHOOL FOR DESIGNING A SOCIETY. It is disappointing in the sense that we all have time to complain about how incorrigible the current system has become but never have the time to sit down and note down changes that we can actually make - to make it better!
Check this School's site and get an idea as to what you could be doing instead of just sitting and discussing what is wrong. The idea is not to get you enrolled in the school but to think of taking some action towards creating a change which could actually make a difference in some small way!
Check their blog site HERE

Also check the blog PASSIONS AND SURVIVAL.BLOGSPOT.COM for the interview with ROB SCOTT on Beyond Available Alternatives.

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