Friday, November 18, 2016

AAZH KADAL film featuring Harish Uthaman and Lakshmi Priya Chandramouli

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Time for our next from Accessible Horizon Films :-)

Here’s the First Look poster for ‘AAZH KADAL’ (Deep Sea). Made with love and fun, with the Awesomest team(Crew and Cast) we could ever muster. Created with a bunch of interesting, talented and super-creative people! Thanks to everyone who made this happen!

Synopsis: ‘Aazh Kadal’(Deep Sea) is about an inexplicable connection between 2 people that seemingly unravels over an alluring night.

Penned & Orchestrated by Stanzin Raghu

Created by Maverick Dass, Earthling K, Ramesh Mourthy

Cast - Harish Uthaman, Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli

Concept Consultant - Earthling K

Cinematography – Maverick Dass

Associate Cinematography – AuroVenketesh

Art Director – Earthling K

Music - Conch Music House, Prashanth Mohanasundaram, Sankararaman Krishnamoorthi

Song Writer – Keerthana KM

Sung by Roshni & Prashanth Mohanasundaram

Publicity Design – Deepak Bhojraj, Rising Apple

Sound – Saravanan Ramachandran

Production Design – Dharmesh Jadeja, Rishi Pathak & Gaurav Agarwal

Still Photography – Prakash DP Views

Costume Consultant – Dakshana Rajaram

Colour Correction – Edward Jeffrey

Production Associates – Sonu Bharath, Silambu

Music Liaison – Roy Dipankar

Craft Services – Dass Meri Hotel

CopyStraight 2016

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