Friday, March 28, 2008 by Shawn

I met yet another human aspiring to do something for his fellow humans on the YouTube...Shawn. This is a self-introduction of Shawn in his blog..I am a 26 year old former graduate student from the University of Notre Dame. After attending the 2006 Notre Dame Forum on Global Health and meeting Dr. Jeffrey Sachs (author of the book "The End of Poverty") - I was inspired to come to Bangladesh for a small, short-term, and self-funded project to see what difference I can make in helping some of the world's worst off. My goal is to inspire those who read this to ask themselves the question "are we doing enough to make a the world a better place?".
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thankyou Shawn for spreading love..

The Young Hardworking Poor of Rural Bangladesh

Poor But Not Working Poorly

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Creative Stimulation Workshop, Chennai,India

The Creativity Stimulation Workshop was organized as a part of 'Science Empowerment Program' by Suyam Charitable Trust and PRM Trust, for a healthy interaction with our younger generation. This workshop was conducted under Seva Talent organized by CIOSA, on the
occasion of Seva Mela 2008 at Valluvarkottam, Nungambakkam, Chennai on 15/03/2008 and 16/03/2008. More than 900 students from various schools and colleges in and around Chennai, participated at the event. There was a main introductory event through PowerPoint presentations and short documentary films to provide the children a brief world view. There were seven main events in which thirteen types of competitions were held. The motivation behind the theme has been to impart with seriousness, sensitivity and also to give a direction for their thought process. This was also intended to give an understanding about scientific thought and also social responsibility.
please check out the complete detailed report with photographs from
Posted by Muthuram.

Evil Mad Scientists at work!!

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories- Making the World a better place, One evil mad scientist at a time!

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Part of the Whole - 4 - Triveni Sangamam

the unity of oceans..and my thoughts..and contradictions..the moments..
the bay of bengal, indian ocean and the arabian sea..

A Part of the Whole -3 - carefree spirits..

the carefree spirits know not or think not about the mysteries that surround them...
but the bliss is worth..and an infinite lives can be sacrificed for its sake!

what kind of feeling is this?

what kind of feeling is this?
am i feeling lonely..amidst all this love in the universe?
when all begins for me and ends in me?
every flower blooms for me..
and every time my earth moves with life..
i ought to be overwhelmed at the immense perseverance it endures..
but here i am..feeling lonely? need to come out of this..and accept the life that is given to me!


they say i lost another part of me today..
why do they use the word 'lost'?
there is nothing to lose when all that is lost is still here..within..
of what use is the word 'lost' when everything has to come back to way or the other..
there is no place beyond the infinite where anything can go..
then why am i made to feel this way..?
i stand here, yearning to get in touch with the parts that will make me 'one' with the Whole..
do i understand anything here..?? i know not..
for.. i am the mystery!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Dear Friend,
The time has come for me to go to Tibet again. Last time when I went to Tibet in 1997 - after my graduation - I was arrested by the Chinese authorities, beaten up, interrogated, starved and finally thrown out of Tibet after keeping me in their jails for three months in Lhasa and Ngari. I walked to Tibet, on my own, alone, across the Himalayan Mountains from the Ladakh. Eleven years later, I am walking to Tibet again; this time too, without permission. I am returning home; why should I bother about papers from Chinese colonial regime who have not only occupied Tibet, but also is running a military rule there; making our people in Tibet live in tyranny and brutal suppression day after day, everyday for fifty years.
The Year 2008 is a huge opportunity for the Tibet movement to present the injustices the Tibetans have been subjected to, when China is going to attract international media attention. I am taking part in the return march from Dharamsala to Tibet, that is being organized as a part of the "Tibetan People's Uprising Movement", a united effort put together by five major Tibetan NGOs: Tibetan Youth Congress, Tibetan Women’s Association, Gu-Chu-Sum Movement of Tibet (an association of former political prisoners), National Democratic Party of Tibet and Students for a Free Tibet, India.
The march will start on 10 March 2008, from Dharamsala, the capital of Tibetan exiles and will pass through Delhi and then head towards Tibet. Walking for six months, we might reach the Tibet border around the time China opens the Beijing 2008 Olympics (August 14-25). Presently it’s too early to approximate at which border point we would be crossing; Tibet and India share a border that runs 4,075 Km along the length of the Himalayas. We might choose any point, or even multiple points. We’ll see the situation. I know there had been similar attempts in the past, but this is 2008, and I have seen the organizers working extra hard with strategic planning, taking care of every minute detail, and the best thing is that we have all the NGOs working unitedly for the common goal. This unity is our strength! I do not know where we would end up, that’s why I am giving away the little collection of books (my only possession in life) to a library at is being setup in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala. My friends: Lobsang and Nyingje (who served in the Indian army as part of the Tibetan battalion) are also giving away their personal belongings; committing themselves for the march. Of course the Indian police will do their duty; the Chinese army at the Tibet border would be overtly enthusiastic. Since we are leading a peaceful march, with absolute commitment to non-violence, I do not think anyone - either from Indian authority or Chinese - would impose themselves on us.
Inspired by Gandhi’s Salt March, even if they did try to stop us, we are not stopping. For how many days can they jail us for just walking peacefully? And why should the Indian government stop Tibetan refugees voluntarily returning home on foot? In the past I have climbed buildings to shout for freedom, thrown myself at the Chinese embassy gate in New Delhi, spent months in jails, got beaten up police, fought court cases, but I never lost the dignity of the struggle: my believe in Non-violence.
The March to Tibet will be non-violent; it is a sadhana, a spiritual tribute to the truth and justice that we are fighting for. This is our Long March to freedom. And on our journey home, we will cook and camp in tents on the roadside, there will be the marchers and the support marchers, the kitchen team, logistics, media and the medical team. There will be dancing and singing, and theatre and film shows on the road as we take this long journey home. Dear friend,Here is an opportunity to join a historic non-violent freedom struggle, a people’s effort to win freedom for a country that remains subjugated even in 2008.
I request you to join us, support us in whatever ways possible. We need people to know about it, so spread the word. You can walk with us, as we walk for six months, maybe you can join us for a day along the path, even one hour, or for a week, months as a supporter. Schools, colleges and even whole town can walk with us.
We need volunteers, media people, writers, photographers, bloggers can help us. We need nurses, cooks, technicians and your prayers. Ever since the march was announced on 4th January 2008, Tibetans have been talking about it; it’s a major discussion in the refugee camps. Recently the organizers launched the entry form. And I heard people are slowly getting themselves registered. You too can register your volunteer online.
For more information please visit: For enquiries email the coordinators: Lobsang yeshi <> or sherab woser <> Join us.
Tenzin Tsundue

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nostalgia? maybe a reminder of a past life...

This song...i have posted in this blog..thanks to Youtube...(thanks is such a mild word) Youtube will bring humanity together...i hope..someday soon..

i used to hear songs on my small radio..back in the 80's..this was one of my favorite songs and i had no idea what the video looked like then (there was no way we could watch movies or television)...and as a natural thing to do, i imagined how it would be like..but today there is a face i can attach to this song...yet..the lyrics and the music haunt my soul just like the past..we still live for moments like being is filled with so much peace..what can i say? words aren't enough..hmmm...pls do listen and let me know..

A Part of the Whole - 2- Monkey Love

Love is the answer..Happiness is real when you share it with someone you love...a loving sight at the temple AzhagarKovil, located at Madurai, TamilNadu, South India.

A Part of the Whole -1

A moment captured - of the wild - on the way to Melur, a place in Madurai, TamilNadu...this place is called AzhagarKovil...the palm trees, the sky, the rock, the is my place in all this?? I wonder if I have alienated myself from all this...what do you think??

Monday, March 17, 2008

Passion..Passion..Passion for life through music - SURAJ MANI

How often do you get to see a friend being passionate about something and pursuing it like it were the very thing that gives life?

well...i have been fortunate enough to have a friend for around 17 earth years...who breathes music and spreads the love for life through his passion for music..though i have not had the opportunity to listen to any of his concerts lately...i know i have been there personally, each time..and witnessed his unconditional love for humanity and every single thing about this universe -- which he reveals through his music!

Let me introduce Suraj Mani...passion flows in every bit of his compositions...

here's one example...this is one of my favorites from the album INSANE can download the songs from his blog..

Is time not an illusion?

Why does that sound so insane?

I’ve seen my life just turn to moments Snapshots in pain
Now I cannot, live the present

And it doesn’t take too much to blur these lines

So why can’t I learn to accept,

The past is what you leave behind
Questions dipped in poison

Burning with seeds of doubt

Helpless I turn to the heavens

But the silence is still too loud
Will I ever burn these bridges

I’ve built so strong and so sure

Or bound by my need for them

Will I linger by these shores
Questions dipped in poison

Burning with seeds of doubt

Helpless I turn to the heavens

But the silence is still too loud
I watch the shadows play with my mind

Weary ghosts that will weaken with time

And I know that one day I will find the answers

That there’s reprieve for the blind
Questions I will not fear them

Though I’m still so full of doubt

Searching for the answers

In the echoes of my shout
Is time not an illusion?

Why does that sound so insane?

I’ve seen my life just turn to moments

Snapshots in pain

for more on Suraj's compositions...go to

Also visit his website

where you can download songs from his first album INSANE BIOGRAPHY

Hello from the OBLIVION!

Hello my counterparts...i know it has been such a long time since i've been in touch...but the gap was just in the physical world...i have been thinking so much about all of you during the entire trip to the other side of our it would be apt if i said "you were there with me"!
how can i explain what i experienced? language has its boundaries but the heart does, i will try to patiently bring each and every experience to you...
My faith that humanity will organize itself to save the WHOLE is still going strong...after i met my other PARTS...
hmmm....where do i start?
i keep getting images of the Earth breathing and living and awakening each of us to our purpose...the peace it gives me within..that i am not alone..
one more thing that i have realized from all of these experiences is that human has to become a human after all...he cannot turn into anything is time our energies get organized to revive our WHOLE...! is so good to be back my comrades! i love you all...


As a novelist and memoirist, Isabel Allende writes of passionate lives, including her own. Born into a Chilean family with political ties, she went into exile in the United States in the 1970s -- an event that, she believes, created her as a writer. Her voice blends sweeping narrative with touches of magical realism; her stories are romantic, in the very best sense of the word. Her novels include The House of the Spirits, Eva Luna and The Stories of Eva Luna, and her latest, Ines of My Soul and La Suma de los Dias (The Sum of Our Days). And don't forget her adventure trilogy for young readers -- City of the Beasts, Kingdom of the Golden Dragon and Forest of the Pygmies.
As a memoirist, she has written about her vision of her lost Chile, in My Invented Country, and movingly tells the story of her life to her own daughter, in Paula. Her book Aphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses memorably linked two sections of the bookstore that don't see much crossover: Erotica and Cookbooks. Just as vital is her community work: The Isabel Allende Foundation works with nonprofits in the SF Bay Area and Chile to empower and protect women and girls -- understanding that empowering women is the only true route to social and economic justice.

In one of the most beloved talks from TED2007, novelist Isabel Allende talks about writing, women, passion, feminism. She tells the stories of powerful women she has known, some larger-than-life (listen for a beauty tip from Sophia Loren), and some simply living with grace, dignity and ingenuity in a world that, in too many ways, still treats women unjustly.