Tuesday, May 07, 2013


It's sort of a quiet turbulence right now. Of course, a lot of contemplation towards where we're going. Personally I've always loved the uncertainty - to put it better, uncertainty has always loved us. But this, this phase, has been remarkably sordid but as they say, character-building. It always feels good when we philosophize about an event or concept BEFORE or AFTER it happens - but WHEN it happens, DURING the event - it's something of a vortex. Pulling you in deeper and deeper with no understanding of what, how, why and when. After that, an ambiguity sets in, like you are murky waters, submerged-floating, in a slow current, drowning but not quite yet...trying to find that glimmer of light that lets you know where the surface is - to get a breath of air, a big gasp and after that - a semblance of sense, sanity in this wide world.