Thursday, November 30, 2006

Reduction of air pollution - An Awakening

The advent of Electric cars, hybrid cars are paving way for the reduction in air pollution in the current scenario. Although these cars came into existence in the early 1900's, there were a few factors that would have influenced in supressing them. Some of them could have been like non- availability of electricity in the remote areas in the olden days or the threat for oil exploration companies and oil exporting countries. The list could expand to infinity.

Of all these hurdles, electric cars sneaked into the market in the early1990's with tags like environmental friendly, low power consumption, less maintenance as there are few moving parts unlike in gasoline cars. Due to political issues and selfish people they were scrapped from the market. When people were ready to buy them, the automobile manufacturers were forced to stop their production by unknown external factors.

Finally there seems to be a ray of hope for the electric cars and hybrid cars as a few other automobile manufacturers have had the courage to give life for them in the market. One of the electric car manufacturers’ website below would provide more information about the future for them.

Soon we can find decreasing gas stations and increasing electric charging station in every house, every parking lot and on top of it a dead end for war for oil. Hey all gasoline car owners, its time for changing to hybrid or electric cars or else you will lose a lot while reselling your car after a year or two.


Packiyanath said...


That was a good step by manufacturers towards reducing pollution. Lets hope people start using this.
But practically speaking... do you think people are going to throw away the vehicles they are having and start using it ?
I feel Goverment should put out some kind of mandatory rules... or the manufacturers should come up with some kind of deals to compensate that.

For that matter in India there is a manufacturer "Eko Vehicles Private Limited" who has released Electric scooters. They call it "Eko Cosmic".

Check this link... on this.


RNith said...

Yes, we definitely needed this solution to be implemented ASAP. May be that is the only solution for this WAR. Have anyone throught what would happen to the people in middle-east whose life and economy are totally dependent on oil. Their all-natural resource. What will they do for living once when all the oil gets exhausted?

Packiya, that is an interesting article... i always wondered why people are only thinking of making cars hybrid and not motor-bikes and scooters. For a country like India, most of the pollution is caused by the scooters, motor-bikes and auto-richshaws....

The best thing would be to go back to the old days like riding bi-cycle or rickshaws (maketing stratergy for acchorians - Men of Burden).
An interesting thing would be like car-pooling, we can have something called richshaw-pooling where people who are going the same route can club together and ride the same rickshaw and take turns in riding it.
Soon we might see something like call 1-800-RICKSHAWPOOL.