Tuesday, September 10, 2013

An Artist's Rite of Passage

This has been said before and will be said again by many. But of course, I won't stop myself from saying it. Every artist that has gone against the grain, at many points in their lives, must cross certain difficult and excruciating phases, in order to move on to better and brighter things. When you think about it philosophically, it seems like just another epiphany, where we can go 'wow here's a truth of life'. But to actually undergo those phases and especially during those periods, is something inexplicable that can make you numb. Sometimes, the pleasure of doing something you really love against all odds comes with the extreme pain of it not realizing its original intention. Though there are bigger, better, brighter things coming along the way, sometimes you feel like you are in a vaccum. I think we are at such a crossroads, right now.

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