Friday, January 27, 2012

to manifest..?

A pattern in my imagination repeats itself..
of something wanting to release itself from within..
the type of communication that i am familiar with, does not work here..
i wait...or endure?
the restlessness building up within..
maybe it is not an independent thing...
and has to be a Collective Creative process!
Where are the rest of the parts?
out there??


Anonymous said...

one of the lost rotten part here...!
why still restless....!
take care

earthling said...

dear anonymous..
every part has its purpose..
and its significance..
there is no getting lost in this..
we are all in this together don't you think..?
and why am i restless?
maybe till the release of the
thoughts & expression happens..
this stays!
your energy is soothing..
i am grateful.