Monday, February 27, 2012

The Air I breathe...

Beings converging in a cauldron built centuries ago..
a thirst insatiable in them spreading in all directions..
their existential emptiness screams for visibility in this dimension..
their essence creating chaos in the spirits' realm..
their form devoid of function aiming for content..
their torpid exteriors holding an underlying fluid core..
which resonate with the supernatural sphere that is suffering
immensely by the pain but not dying from it..

An inner call draws them together towards the cauldron and into this sphere..
their form spreading an infinite pulse of chaos into the air...
and i happen upon it here!

Beings in search of a purpose other than theirs to unite for a cause..
but not ready to take the spiritual plunge of trusting the universe's intelligence..
filling the air i breathe with a sense of insecurity coming from unknown depths..
i contribute to the collective breaths whilst not knowing what to do..
i hope that..
under unpredictable circumstances the beings may alleviate the suffering and
a balance is stuck where..
the Contradiction between
Essence & Existence,
Form & Constitution,
Spirit & Corporeal,
Finite & Infinite..continues..!

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