Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Accessible Horizon Films

Accessible Horizon films is the realization of a hope of four humans on the journey of developmental change to try and create a revolution in the world around through their philosophy, ideas and films. This is just an attempt to give back to the world all the wonderful experiences they had received in the years of their existence. This is also an effort to acknowledge and respect the magnificent Planet, which is eternally inexhaustible. With an intention of bringing peace and equality to all the living beings in this planet, Accessible Horizon films strives to deliver films for change.

Accessible Horizon films is dedicated to all those who consider themselves Earthlings and who think beyond boundaries. The ever-eluding horizon is indeed accessible to those who strive to eliminate differences of any kind, be it geographical, national, racial, religious, sexual, intellectual and financial. It is this that we want to making films with solutions.


mohan said...

Dear blogger could you please update some article in this site.

Rags said...

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Anonymous said...

This site seems to be pretty interesting... Are you guys planning to make only movies which are are of public interests or will you be making commerical value movies as well