Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Question I posted on Dropping Knowledge...

What would happen if everyone in the world were paid equally for any job they did? Would that put Money and equality in place??

I think if all were paid the same for any profession, job, there would be freedom to do whatever you wanted to do, whatever you were interested in doing. However, it might also stifle seeking a higher potential and a higher reward. As far as making all peoples equal, I don't think that would happen until societal groups cease thinking they are better than another group. The Human Being is very judgmental still.

by marianne

You make a good point but you also need to consider that many people will simply not work if they get paid the same. There would be less motivation to be great as you pointed out but there is also much less motivation to at least be average. Often this is what destroys communism that refuse to force citizens to work. This makes communisms either doomed or a society of forced labor.

by visionofuture

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