Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wait No More - New but Old Short Film

Well, in spite of the film's theme, we've waited too long to put this up on Youtube. But never mind. This is a short film that we shot towards the end of 2006(actually around the end of October) and finished it too. It didn't really make the festival circuit but it's kind of a little pet project just for kicks.
The lead actress is Ragini Parmar who I'm sure you'd admit is a little too cute. She was tireless in her efforts, we made her walk like a million times across the streets. The peanut peddler is Patrick Fernicola who kinda fit the role like a lock and key. We shot the film in one day from 5:30 a.m till 4:30p.m in Hoboken. It was freakin' cold. Cute little city(for non-north-east folks) along the Hudson, kinda a substitute for NYC I must say, at least for this theme.
Wait no more is about you and your psyche and how your "worldly self" ignores the simple intentions of the "self within". If you don't take chances with the self within, what would be at stake? Your raison d'etre or life itself?

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