Tuesday, July 01, 2008

DHARMA THE CAT - David Lourie

The theme of the cartoon collection is "Havoc and mayhem on the rocky road to nirvana, with a Buddhist cat, a novice monk and a mouse that is hell-bent on cheese."

“Dharma The Cat” has three characters. There is a novice monk named Bodhi, who is stumbling earnestly along the Buddha’s Noble Path. The Cat’s name is Dharma, and he is a wise being who looks down from a great height on those who have taken birth in human form. And there is Siam, the house Mouse, who is concerned only with cheese.

The main character’s progress along his rocky path to Nirvana reflects our own delusions and obstacles, and enables us to digest the spiritual message in a compassionate and humorous way -- contrary to portraying the road to enlightenment as a friendless, unemotional journey. Practitioners do not have to be so brave, patient, or wise, else they will fail, and they might give up unless they lighten up, so to speak, and have a great sense of humour.

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