Friday, August 08, 2008

Two Opposing Types of Order in Nature-Gevin Giorbran

Rather than order and disorder, there are two types of order in nature. One type of order increases in the direction of the past, while another type of order increases in the direction of the future. The range of patterns between complex orderliness and chaos exists as in the intermediary stages of transition in between the extremes of each order. There is no such thing as general disorder in nature, only irregular combinations of two orders. The intensity of the two orders is inversely proportional, the absence of one creates the other. Recognizing these two orders provides a template for understanding all material structure and composition. The two orders will here be referred to as Grouping Order and Symmetry Order. Neither are unfamiliar concepts and once they are consciously recognized suddenly the ordered flow of time and the world of human events appear as an interplay of two contrasting orders.
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