Sunday, October 03, 2010

Chennai to Pondy(and back) on the Suzuki GS150R

Friday I went on a not-so-long distance ride on our GS150S (160kms=about 100 miles one-way) from Chennai to Pondicherry and returned today. Took the Tindivanam route coz ECR (East Coast Road) is apparently not too safe coz it's a single lane highway. Anywho, loved this route coz it was multi-laned and it was overcast. To top it all, the rain just added a little adventure by drenching me. I especially recommend this route coz the newly built highway (I think NH-66) from Tindivanam to Pondy was spotless. I guess I really needed this weekend ride coz for some strange reason I wasn't and ain't a wee bit tired AND it felt so damn relaxing. A catharsis, if you will.
For all you Suzuki riders or rider-wannabe/s, the GS150R is one hell of a smooth ride, especially long distance. I stopped twice for the rain but it wouldn't let up. So I was like, fuck it, I'm doing this, embracing every drop the water-gods were lashing out. I made a couple of observations about highway riding in India, 1. Almost 99% of all Toyota Innova drivers drive like crazy, maybe it's the vehicle size and comfort that makes them feel they are the kings of the highway. Even Lorry drivers seemed tame by their standards. 2. There's an increasing number of two-wheelers on the highways. So many motorcycles, which was kinda surprising. I purposely didn't take my camera coz I anticipated the rain and mainly, just wanted to enjoy the ride. Next time, I probably won't do a solo. My biking retrospection is over for now. Even got an idea for a motorcycling road movie. Hopefully not a la the Motorcycle Diaries. Need to sit and write.

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