Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A purpose beyond realms...

RAJESH KHANNA...A soul amidst this chaos called reality..was brought into this realm..with a bring to life many creative minds' ideas and visions to manifestation......and the movies..the thoughts that their works provoked, the emotions that were shared..the songs that he portrayed..the culmination of a lot many creative minds into many works..the characters so real..that each one who connected with the films had a bonding with..the face that brought all their ideas to the world..and made the manifestations so real in this otherwise mundane world...RAJESH KHANNA..a purpose fulfilled..and complete! The above from the movie of such works..which has touched million hearts..and is an all time inspiration! I feel connected! Many moments of my life owe their gratitude to his purpose!!Thank you universe for the experience.

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