Monday, October 15, 2012

Converting audio from 23.976 fps to True 24 fps

We've often had problems getting the Audio ready for the final DCP output. This one took us a while to figure out, because we had to redo this after our submission for DCP syncing which didn't work out the first time. This is sort of a late post that we had compiled a while back.

Converting audio from 23.976 to True 24 fps (48000 Hz to 48048 Hz) 

Method 1: Using Wave Agent
Method 2: Using Logic Pro

Method 1: Using Wave Agent

Note: Do not try to verify audio sync in FCP or any other video editing software, always CHECK using Pro-Tools or Logic for True 24fps audio sync

Import the audio file (preferably make a copy of the original audio) you want to convert into the WaveAgent. After importing convert the audio, modify the Sample Rate to 48048 and Frame Rate to 24 ND. 

Fixing the sample rate from 48048 to 48000 using Barba Batch

1. Add the audio file that needs to be fixed from 48048 to 48000 Hz.
2. Click on the Conversion tab and select "Wave (.wav), 48000.00 Hz, interleaved
3. Click on Output tab and choose an output directory and click START.

Method 2:  Using Logic Pro

1. Create a logic project and set the Frame Rate under Synchronization tab to 24 fps. Import the movie that you converted from 23.976 fps to 24p whose audio will be in 48048 Hz. 

2. Open the movie
      File - Open Movie

3. Export Audio from Video
      File - Import Audio from Movie

4. Bounce
       File - Bounce
If you think there's a better workflow, please share it with us. We are pretty positive there must be, but...

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Jack said...

Hi, I i have one question:
The audio to be opened in WaveAgent is = 23.976 / 48Khz?
Thanks !