Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Voice for the voiceless

Many a times, I've been a closet activist and rebel regarding various issues. Of course, I guess there's a need to be shaken up and stirred before one can react and rebel openly against the system. Sometimes, it's the sheer energy expended trying to voice against something that you feel is so futile. But this time, I promised someone I'd do my little part about it. Case in point - recently heard a grim news through a good friend, Mahima who's also an animal activist(if I can say that) and voices out & DOES something about cruelty to animals. Every day, thousands of cattle are being trafficked for slaughtering about which we don't really know much. Well, I guess this documentary made by the Temple Worshippers' Society which she shared with me expounds on this gruesome act.

While I'm not sharing this from a religious POV, there's a bit of a humanist inside. From their Youtube Link "Temple Worshippers Society was formed with the twin objectives of Temple Protection and Cattle Protection. Since its inception, Temple Worshippers Society has been focussing on the Government's mismanagement of Temples, their properties and endowments, interference in worshipping patterns, total disregard to Gau Samrakshana, etc. We are committed to restoring our Temples and its endowments from the evil clutches of the Government, rightfully for management by Hindus themselves.
Towards achieving the second objective, this documentary is our first step to stop cruelty to cattle, while being transported in millions to Kerala. It is our earnest desire that viewers should protest strongly through emails and letters to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu to stop allowing Tamil Nadu from being a transit point for illegal cattle mafia. All that we ask the Government is to enforce the rule of law - the laws pertaining to transportation of Animals, true to its words, spirit and content. The Government should rescue the animals and house them in Temple lands endowed by generous devotees for running Goshalas. Every temple in Tamil Nadu should house such abandoned cattle and nourish them through the rest of their lives in Goshalas earmarked as endowments for such purpose.
We made a documentary titled: "Their Last Journey" - Cattle trafficking to Kerala. This is the Tamil version.
Please forward it to as many people as you know. This would help in spreading awareness of this noble cause."

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