Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Braveheart Blog..another part of the whole!

I was touched by this soul's expressive nature...please take some time and read the whole article..
Braveheart writes in his blogspot....
I was very disturbed. Sometimes things just go out of your hands. Sometimes, you are simply forced to act in an un-reasonable way. Its inexplicable but at times, life just takes control over you. You show emotions which are not yours. You act in a way, which has not been you way. Something like this had happened with me last night.
Telelvision was on and the regular nonsense was being broadcasted. My fingers were playing with the remote. The window was open and cool breeze was gushing through my hair. I was looking out of the window at my garden. The roses had grown really beautiful. Amrita was a mother to these plants more than she was to our Rahul. Not that she was a bad mother, not at all, but the plants gor a special share of her heart. Probably, the love for them came out of a corner of her heart whcih I could never explore. The red roses were teasing me. They reminded me of the time I was crowned to be a prince, the prince who was to taste the luscious lips of the princess, Amrita.
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