Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Chat the Planet is a global dialogue company. We connect young people from around the world to talk about everything from politics, prejudices and war to sex, music and life in general.

Chat the Planet is uncensored, unscripted and unlike anything else in the mainstream media.

Hey people.. check this raw reality..wouldn't it be more interesting if we all came together and spoke about issues from different parts of world? It is such a nice attempt to bring the truth out to the world and letting in some possibility of love to flow in...Since we are so connected..we suffer the pain that is felt with the uncertainty of these war-torn places..which is a part of us..aren't we responsible for spreading some love to all our fellow humans who are going through this uncertainty?


In 2008, we are launching an innovative internet platform that will transform the way people engage globally. It will transcend both cultural differences and long distances.
Founded by celebrated media executives Laurie Meadoff and Kate Hillis in 2001, Chat the Planet has produced award-winning video, internet, and radio programming that continues to reach millions of people around the world.
Hometown Baghdad is an online web series about life in Baghdad. It tells the stories of three young Iraqis struggling to survive during the war.
The series premiered on March 19th 2007 and the final episode went live on June 17. All episodes are viewable here.
Hometown Baghdad was produced by global youth dialogue company, Chat the Planet.Check this link for press release and the blog of Hometown Baghdad.

you can check all the videos of the entire series from this link...videos of Hometown Baghdad

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