Tuesday, September 23, 2008

About NYC Screening Event - Sept 20th,2008

As you all know we had this fund raiser screening at the TWO BOOTS PIONEER THEATER on September 20th, 2008. It was a very beautiful experience though we had a turn up of only 9 people and it was 14 including us!!
Each person who had come for the movie liked Wings of Evolution so much and said that it touched their hearts. They said they were inspired by the love that Uma & Muthuram had for the kids and how the kids were so mature and wonderful. We got some more leads with regards to screening the film in other venues like schools, universities etc.
We got a chance to have one-on-one connections with every single person who attended the screening which was very unique. To know about people who love the world so much and who are trying to make differences in their own way was such a positive experience!
I know I did not write about the Urbana, Champaign screening which took place at the Independent Media Center through the School for Designing a Society. It went very well and the film inspired a lot of students who came for the screening. There was a teacher from Korea Ena who was interested in visiting the Siragu School for sometime because she said she wanted to learn about their pattern of teaching. Many of them wanted to visit the School personally and learn a lot. They were also impressed by the kids' strength of mind and their knowledge about the world around them.
More screenings will come and we will create a world-wide awareness till kids all over the world are educated for free.
One of my friends gave me a book called Three Cups of Tea about which I will write another article!

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