Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Herbert Brun

When I was in West Virginia at the Summer School for designing a Society, the teachers there mentioned Herbert Brun. Though I did come across a few of his books, I really never had the opportunity to read any of his books until recently I came across one of his books called "My words and where I want them" and went through a few pages...they seemed interesting. Small paragraphs which are numbered fill the small book.
I would like to share a few with you.
1. My words and where I want them.
2. I consider words innocent until proven guilty. Once they are proven guilty, however, I consider their meaning to be irredeemable. Thus words form the limits of personal freedom. While I may be free to express my thoughts in a free society, the words at my disposal may not be free at all. Ignorance of this fact is what turns the thoughts of free people into thoughts of slaves.
76. While we do not find it possible often to share our opinions we have to share the world of their consequences.
for more..please read about Herbert Brun.

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