Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Short Film - Contrast

Last Saturday, we finished filming our new short film, which is tentatively titled Contrast. Quite a fun day - most of it went according to plan except for a power snafu which delayed us by an hour. But thankfully we figured it out and sort of wrapped up at around 6 p.m. Fruto Corre was our DP, he sat with me the previous night and we figured out the whole shotlist. Even then, it was quite tough, managing the shots and finishing them. Great team work though. Ramesh Mourthy, Mohandass Radhakrishnan and Kousalya Jeganathan - the co-producers of the film were taking care of general production and location contingencies. Ramesh greased his Branded T-shirt by getting under a trailer collecting leaves...?
Jib Operator Rob Dixon was of great help during the shoot. We got some decent shots hopefully, gotta check 'em out while doing the rough cut tomorrow. Mani, Kavitha and Lana were also lending their hands to the production. Of course, the actors, Kymm Walker, Karthik Srinivasan, Nelson and Joey Mintz did great - contributing to some funny moments with Karthik's "You hit his Brand-New-Used-Car man...!" Classic. And gotta thank Nanda Nayar for his production gear - camera, dolly and tripod. On the whole, amazing day, good shoot, although we could've done better.
Photo: Left to Right - Mohandass, Fruto Corre, Robert Dixon, Ramesh and Raghu.

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