Friday, October 20, 2006


Are you an EARTHLING in the deepest sense?
Just give us an answer!!
Please give us your name and email address and we can begin the network to bring all the like- minded individuals together!!
Let us know! We are waiting!!


KJ said...

OF course! I always feel i belong to this Earth more than anything.
My name is Koushalya and my email id is
Earthlings, Unite!!

Naveen said...

Sorry I am an alien, but I love Earth

I am Naveen and my id is

Mohan said...

Being part of this earth I identify myself as Mohan, an earthling who could be reached through

Rags said...

Earthling, the phenomenon, I think, is the wave of the future.
The moment everyone realizes they are part of the Earth as one race with one paradigm of thought - a peaceful, co-existent world - is the moment we can get out of this reverie.
I'm Raghu and you can access me at

Ramesh said...

I'm an Earthling, humans call me Ramesh and my e-id is

Ranga said...

Ranga ->

Packiyanath said...

Me too..part of earth.

Humans on earth who meet me first time call me .. Packiyanath.

Humans on earth who have been for sometime with me call me...pack.

Few People Who Love me call me.. packiya

I can be caught on the web at: