Monday, October 09, 2006

Men of Burden - Cycle Rickshaw Revival (MOBCRR) Project

Men of Burden - Cycle Rickshaw Revival (MOBCRR) Project

The objective of the film is to raise awareness and funds for our ‘Men of Burden – Cycle Rickshaw Revival (MOBCRR) Project’ .
This project aims to tackle issues of multiple dimensions; some key issues are to:
1. Raise Socio-economic status of rickshaw men in India, in the process, try to eradicate hunger and homelessness.
2. Revive cycle rickshaws in India
3. Reduce Environmental Pollution
4. Promoting Sustainable Transport in every nook and corner of India
5. Encourage students/professionals to do their part in creating a better world

Why help?

Approximately 400 million reasons.
Yes, an estimated 400 million people in India live on less than $1-$2 a day. And on a global scale, this amounts to an estimated 3 billion people living on $2 a day. When seen from a larger perspective, the planet with all its beings constitute a single living organism which breathes and lives every single moment. When you contribute, you are creating thousands of employment opportunities, propagating sustainable development, improving the lifestyle and social status of rickshaw men, reducing air pollution and creating a better world. Since the project has already been implemented in some cities in North India and has proved to be successful, it needs to be propagated for similar success throughout India. Collaborative efforts by academic (IIT Delhi) and professional entities (ITDP) are creating waves of progress towards socio-economic change that show promise of reaching every nook and corner of the developing world. It is time we played our part as it is perfectly within our reach to lessen their burden. At a time when half the world is in need, good intentions alone are not enough. Action needs to be taken…NOW.

For Information on How to be a part of the change, Please visit:

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RR said...

Hi I'm In delhi and can say the Rickshaw's design is not as complex as I had seen in South... and very comfortable too... seen even a boy (age ~15 yrs ) can able to drive!! how can we influence people to have some Rickshaws like this, in south/other place where people still struggle to drive those old models!!