Thursday, July 05, 2007

Gesundheit - SDaS 2007 -1 : My Experience

Hey Beautiful People!!!
Am back after a whole month at the Gesundheit Institute...I was there for the Summer School for Designing a Society...
The experience was amazing...the whole place was filled with so much vibrant energy and I got lots of it to share with the rest of the world...WEST VIRGINIA is a wonderful piece of art by the Creator...
During the train journey, I was engulfed in total awe at the sight of the endless mountains and sky which seemed to hold each other in an embrace that was breathtaking...
There were moments when I asked myself, "If there is so much beauty around me, then what change did I want from the world around me...for a moment, I felt the earth was perfect and there was no chaos or war or hunger or pollution or any atrocities of any kind...How can something so beautiful be messed up?? But my memories of the news about war, poverty, unrest, insecurities etc that existed in the world outside this place brought the harsh reality to me!!
Is it even possible to transform something that is so perfect into something that is totally un-livable?? well, we somehow managed it I guess! SIGH!
This is the first of its kind! More to come my comrades!

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