Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WE ARE EVERYWHERE - A Must Read Book!!


We Are Everywhere is a book of stories, stories written by activists from the front lines of resistance against capitalism and economic globalization, tales of struggle and rebellion from participants in a movement of movments that is gaining ground on every continent. These stories, told with both words and pictures, have been collected over the past three years by a collective of activists, writers and artists, all of whom have deep connections to the movement.

The book explores and celebrates what activist, academic, and media commentators have recently come to refer to as the "anticapitalist" movement. One of the great strengths of this movement has been its capacity to re-kindle the idea of a global political project, a project defined by notions of autonomy, ecology, democracy, self-organization and direct action, notions which are explored in We Are Everywhere.

For further details of the pdf format of the book, go to WE ARE EVERYWHERE.

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