Wednesday, July 25, 2007


My friends and some people who know me say that I am an Idealist...All I want is Peace in this Planet...and a sense of togetherness...and I came across this website where the Idealists of the world...are already working together on a lot of issues...please join the Idealist network and help make IDEALISM a way of life...
"The Internet is the cloning of our collective soul. That's where the human consciousness resides right now," says Dr. Chopra...explaining that with blogs and other outlets on the Web, one can reach millions of people on a regular basis. "We have the means to make this shift...the shift that is so needed right now..."How true!

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TJ said...


Great post! As a staff member at, it is very encouraging to come across individuals like you who are so enthusiastic about Idealist.

Also, I want to let you and others know about a newly created online community called Spread Idealist. This group is made up of members who want spread the word and let people know about the connections being made at our website. The group provides a space for people to exchange ideas and resources for spreading Idealist. You can access Spread Idealist by copying and pasting the following link into your browser (, or by searching through the Idealist Groups at our website ( You should consider joining Spread Idealist!

Keep up your great efforts at bringing about peace and unity.

All the best,

(tj at