Thursday, January 10, 2008

Are you Bored???

After waking up this morning and doing a bit of browsing, reading, writing, eating, browsing,reading and reading, walking, playing with my kitty...i felt bored...and typed these words on the google search engine..."WHAT TO DO"....and yes! i am serious i typed that....
i invite you all to do that and some beautiful soul has opened a website called
What can i say?? It actually made my day!
To think that someone has taken enough care to think about people's boredom...and ways to end it!!
So much of fun stuff to browse within the site...there are a bunch of Crazy and Funny Billboards from all over the world.
If you get bored...once a now know what to do?? That is...only if you aren't bored of the computer and the Internet!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thats a good one..!
but strange to see u getting bored da....!
when u have sooooo much to be done..!
take care