Sunday, January 13, 2008

Republic of Lakota = Lakota Oyate

I got this email from a friend recently...I am just sharing it with you all...
Less than a month has gone by since some Lakota people announced their re-assertion of sovereignity as either Lakota Oyate or the Republic
of Lakotah Everything I read about the situation looks like it could use a stiff infusion of intentional communication and social design. Is anyone following this or interested, and does anyone see this as a festering opportunity for us to roll up our sleeves and do something revolutionary?
the email ends here.
What do you think about this my dear friends...i had no idea this was going on within the U.S...and how many such individual movements are going on around us that we have no idea about..??
Let us keep our eyes open to the world around us instead of confining ourselves to the system that surrounds us...the internet is the new social consciousness and it is time we 'see' the world as it is...and not what it appears to be..!
But personally on this topic of countries wanting to separate from each other, I feel there should come a day when all of them want to unite as a single should not be 'us' and 'them'...but a complete "WE"!!!

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Anonymous said...

The cyber world of the internet is an imaginary land where everything can happen that has in fact no factuality, such as this so-called Republic of Lakotah.

In reality, the Lakota Nation has not delegated any power to Rusell means and his three buddies to say or do anything about the Treaty of 1868 between the Lakota nation and the USA.

In response to the press Release of Russell Means, the Teton Sioux Nation Treaty Council has published a statement indicating that Article 12 of the treaty requiring 3/4 of the Lakota adult male vote for any change to the Treaty is necessary, and that Russell Means is but one man, without the approval of the required 3/4 vote. Article 12, the statement underlines was included to protect the Lakota people, land, and way of life.