Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The healing touch of ALMOND!

I remember eating almonds that were soaked overnight in water,right after waking up...my mother used to feed us once a while in the mornings.She used to say they were for brain power and maintenance of a good glowing skin...
Just recently while trying to read for some articles on the healing touch of Indian Spices...I came across details about Almonds which I want to share with all of you...
though the world of Indian spices are like a universe filled with vital information, I cannot introduce you to all of them...with the advent of the internet, I am sure you can take the time if you need to know about all of them.
I just wanted to give you a few tips on the ALMOND.

It is not entirely without reason that almonds are priced higher than their country cousins, the peanuts. Their nutritive value as well as functional importance in keeping the human body supple, beautiful and healthy, is unsurpassed in the nut kingdom, if one may use the term.
Nearly cholesterol free and abundant in high quality, highly absorb-able protein, almonds provide almost no useless material to the body. Their high mono-saturated fats (that fight bad cholesterol) and dietary fiber content make them easy to digest, provides heat in the body and also ensure no excess oils, like the peanut.
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