Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Coffee & some Special FX please

Just came back from an incredible Spiderman 3 experience. I saw the trailers, anticipated the tremendous Special FX and also got what I went for. The film was a tad melo than the other two, but nevertheless, excellent.
The point here is, the movies we get to see these days are laden with incredible amounts of Special FX and are virtually a part and parcel of every movie. And we take them for granted too. Dramatic storytelling through CGI and graphics has reached a zenith, almost to a level of saturation but again, it's the same saturation that has become a basic commodity like coffee. You can actually pick out any movie from a bunch of them with varying degrees of Visual FX. Mild, Rich or Bold.
But my question is, do these movies raise the standard for traditional storytellers/directors who use primarily live-action only? I for one, am increasingly veering towards FX laden movies, because, like coffee, they've become such a basic want.

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