Wednesday, May 30, 2007

On the Lot

Reality shows...ahhh, don't we love them? An easy, lazy but sure-shot way to make better dramatic Television. How many TV fiction scriptwriters have been made to re-think their genres?
By now, I'm sure we have all been bombarded by hundreds of reality shows on mainstream networks.
Well, here's another one added to the lot...well, "On the Lot" actually! I didn't wanna start on a negative note but hey, this one's good. Ok, so I'm avidly following this one on Fox that's actually Stephen Spielberg's brainchild where the contestants/filmmakers fight to win a $1-million movie deal at DreamWorks. There's a great deal of diversity in the show...the token black guy and now even the token brown girl, yes, there's an Indian American on board. So far, three have been eliminated and 15 remain. Great show to look out for, especially for upcoming directors. Don't go by the masses, be your own judge. I try to watch & listen to the thought processes of the filmmakers, that's the best part.
(pic courtesy on the lot website)

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