Monday, May 07, 2007


My aunt used to say that FASTING is the most effective way to teach our bodies to live in harmony with both our outer and inner worlds. My father fasts for a whole day, once a week. To think of fasting does not bother me too, as I feel it heals a lot of issues which are both psychological and physical.
Here is an article I recently came across on CULTURE CHANGE.ORG

Fasting for healing and inner peace

Fasting (i.e., water only) for health is a human and animal process that needs no scientist, although the extent of knowledge from western medical science is wondrous and can help a patient. Once a fast is directly experienced, however, one can see how superfluous medical doctors can appear.

Doctors realize this themselves when faced with natural healing methods, and they see that their income would plummet from fasting. So it is no surprise that fear of fasting is instilled by for-profit medical professionals, academia, media, and their corporate support base. In contrast, there are at least several countries -- especially where health care is socialized -- that utilize fasting openly and do not consign it to the closet of MORE...

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