Monday, March 05, 2012

Absolute Spirit...

"Brahmam Okate"...The Absolute Spirit is One & Only ONE!
A collection of beings in multiple universes..
communicate with each other through their breaths and vibrations..
releasing the Infinite into the ether every single time..
to realize itself and be consumed again by another..
in an endless cycle of experiences..
Be it in one or many..the breaths hold the Absolute within..
metamorphosize with it & realize their purpose in this existence!
Is the purpose of the Infinite fulfilled or the Finite's fulfilled??


Anonymous said...

When tht realization is fulfilled one becomes THE ONE

earthling said...

What about the rest of the parts?are they caught up in endless cycles till then? Some moments I feel it is an endless cycle for the ONE realize itself completely..and until all the parts realize themselves, the ONE doesn't complete itself...does it? I realize I know nothing of this complex matrix..haha..
Somebody talks for me..from within..